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Boosting on-site security to protect staff members and assets has never been more of a priority for businesses. As the means and motivations of criminals and offenders continue to advance, with external and internal threats constantly evolving, it’s critical for businesses to respond accordingly. In many cases, this means business owners reviewing and upgrading their current security system and exploring ways to improve security at their facility through a commercial security installation. In doing so, integrating access control solutions has become one of the most common ways to ensure a business’s property, people and assets are all firmly protected.

After all, whatever the size of a business or premises is, installing the best access control system is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways for business owners to create a safe, protected and secure environment. If this is the route that business owners and operators are looking to take, then the next step is to find an access security system control installer or access control integrator. 

How can you go about choosing the best access control installation company to work with? This guide will help you understand the role of an access control security system installer, and what to look for when choosing access control contractors for your company. 

Does your business need a professional access control system installer?

If you want to limit who can enter your premises and when, then you should consult a door access installation expert for your security.

In short, an access control system is installed to manage who can enter a particular location, whether that be a commercial property or residential building. Authorized individuals can include an employee, a visitor, or a resident — and they might be entering by foot, car or even by bicycle. In general, credentials such as access cards, key fobs and keypads are used to grant access and authorize people into certain areas.

Advanced access control systems can also be seamlessly integrated with existing on-site commercial video surveillance system like CCTV video cameras and alarms to provide complete end-to-end security, while allowing operators to act quickly and effectively.

Introducing on-site access control and managing those who enter a premises comes with a huge number of benefits for business owners or other commercial properties. As well as the obvious — increasing a business’s on-site security — access control systems can provide a much safer environment for both staff and visitors, ensuring that all those entering the building feel protected. Additionally, having access control systems installed can act as a deterrent against offenders. Plus, if theft or an offense does occur, access control logs can be used to help with investigations, thanks to the advanced monitoring and reporting features readily available to users.

What can an access control security system integrator or installer do?

Commercial access control integrators and professionals deliver security solutions to multiple sectors and industries, and specialize in access control installation service and management. Simply put, an access control installer can help determine which systems and technology are best suited for your individual business or premises, and answer any questions you might have. 

As mentioned, before shopping the market for the right access control devices and hardware, it’s essential that you work with a commercial access control installer. Choosing the best access control security system installer for your needs will make selecting and installing access control a much easier and more seamless process. While it might be tempting to choose the cheapest access control integrators, it’s worth remembering that when installed correctly by a knowledgeable industry expert, the long-term benefits can offer better return on your investment.

Another thing to consider is whether you need to work with a commercial security door installer for your property. Especially for new buildings and retrofits, door access installation may include adding new security door types that meet security requirements. 

Before we look at how to choose the best access control installer, let’s further explore the multiple benefits that come with working with one. 

Evaluates requirements, goals and priorities

When it comes to door security, the first step should always be clearly outlining the individual needs required by your business and your facilities. However, in a world saturated with security devices, knowing what to consider without having industry experience and expertise can be pretty overwhelming. It’s no surprise that operators can feel slightly confused when it comes to figuring out what’s right for them.

Thanks to knowledgeable access control contractors, users don’t need to know the ins and outs of every device. In fact, working with a professional access control installer will help operators break down their goals and requirements, which in turn will help to create a strong plan, and make shopping for appropriate hardware and software a lot easier. This will usually involve an in-depth inspection of the premises with the access control installer, not only to determine where and what devices should be installed but will look at how they will operate, including evaluating where any cables will run and the types of software needed for management.

Together with an access control installer, the following should be considered:

  • What are the main areas of concern in the building? What level of security does each of these areas require?
  • Are there any specifically vulnerable spaces, or locations which require a higher level of security?
  • Is there anywhere which has limited additional security in place, or spaces that might be difficult for physical personnel to get to quickly?
  • Are there any locations that might require authorized or limited access, including the likes of specific floors or rooms?
  • Will there be multiple access levels within the premises?

Creating a plan designed around goals and priorities

Having determined the unique needs of a business and premises, an access control installer will go on to create a detailed plan, to help determine where access control devices should be installed. For example, school properties may need closer consideration to what kind of school door locks are installed — a professional access control installer can help your team choose the proper devices. Remember, taking the time to plan correctly is a vital step in the access control installation process. Proper planning will help to reduce errors and has the potential to save the user money while ensuring the operator gets the right system for their premises.

It’s important to note that a professional access control installer will also ensure users comply with any local, state or federal regulations that impact access control and privacy. Laws surrounding access control and privacy can differ depending on state or industry, so it’s hugely important for operators to receive professional advice and support ahead of installation.

Choosing access control solutions

Once inspecting the premises is complete and a plan has been created, it’s time to choose access control software and hardware. Having the right access control equipment or integrated access control system in place will maximize protection against theft, as well as damage to the premises, while ultimately preventing unauthorized access in the facility.

Thanks to advances in access control technology, there are plenty of options to choose from, allowing users to customize and personalize their system to reflect their individual needs.

The main factor your door access control system installer will consider is whether you want cloud vs. on-premise security. When comparing cloud-based and on-premise solutions, access control installers will look at the physical space available for housing servers, and how you want to be able to control and manage the system. More often, an access control system installation will be a hybrid of both solutions.

The next step is to select door access hardware to install, and the type of credentials to suit your business, from key fobs to mobile apps, keypads and touchscreens — or a combination of multiple. This decision can heavily influence the access control system cost, but this is something an electronic access control device installer can help support and advise on. Factors that are likely to influence the overall cost of access control systems include:

  • The size of the organization
  • How many sites require access control
  • Software selected and customizations
  • The complexity of the system

If you’re wanting to keep costs down and are looking for a flexible solution that integrates seamlessly with other locking systems such as fail secure magnetic locks and other security devices, explore solutions that are built on an open platform. These are designed to easily integrate with third-party software and hardware.

Integrating access control into an overall security strategy

Access control installation companies should offer solutions that are bespoke for each individual user, rather than one-size-fits-all. Thanks to an explosion of available features and technology, it’s never been easier for businesses to modify and customize their access control solution while integrating it into their wider overall security strategy. When business priorities and needs can change overnight, that flexibility is invaluable.

With that in mind, it’s essential that a business works with an access control vendor who provides them with the opportunity to adapt to suit their shifting strategy if or when necessary. Professional commercial access control installers will be able to help you continuously, following actual installation, as your business grows and develops. This may include expanding or adjusting your current system, adding new locations or switching to a different credential or reader type for better security.

For maximum flexibility, your access control installer will likely choose a system that effortlessly supports other security techniques and seamlessly integrates into your business’s security strategy. Features such as remote management, over-the-air upgrades and simple system configuration and management help make pairing components easier than ever.

What to consider before hiring an access control integrator

As previously mentioned, choosing the right access control installer is fundamental to you receiving relevant advice, guidance and support throughout the entire process — from the initial quote, through installation and for any ongoing maintenance or updates.

A professional and experienced access control installer will be able to answer any questions you might have, and furthermore, be able to provide support following installation.

It’s also worth noting that a quality door access control system installer should have the relevant qualifications and licenses to properly assist you. This includes being knowledgeable of industry trends, as well as local regulations or security concerns for specific properties with existing school security systems or commercial video security system. When you’re exploring potential access control installation companies, here are some questions that should be considered before making a decision:

  • Are there any access control installers near you with local knowledge? 
  • Does the installation company offer systems that support your building’s access control and security door requirements?
  • How long has the access control company near you been in business? What experience do they have in access control installation?
  • Does the access control installation company have any positive testimonials? Do you know of any other clients who have been satisfied with their work?

Once in conversation with access control vendors, here are some initial questions you can ask to help get the process started (some of which you’ll be able to answer yourself):

  • How much will the entire installation process cost?
  • Will your access control company use in-house staff or hire an external installer?
  • What doors or entries should I secure? Are there any specific areas in the building that require high-end security? 
  • Should I choose a cloud-based access control management system, or would an on-premise server be best for my needs?
  • Which credentials are available for my door access control system installation? Do you provide card key access system installation services or offer support for mobile credentials?
  • Is the software compatible with third-party hardware?
  • What is the life expectancy of the hardware and software recommended? 
  • Will the access control system installed be capable of upgrades in the future? 
  • Do you provide ongoing maintenance service? How much will regular maintenance cost?

Installing access control systems for your facility

Recognizing the need to control access in your building is the first step to choosing the best access control installer or access control integrator near you. Come prepared with questions to ensure you understand the options available to you, whether you’re looking for a ground-up access control installation, or just want to upgrade existing specific access control or lockdown security systems with the latest technology. An electronic access control device installer will be able to evaluate your current system, and suggest viable options, such as just replacing the door access hardware, or a full rip-and-replace of your access control system installation.

When searching for commercial access control installers near you, look for professional services that offer end-to-end support, helping customers to maximize on-site security with top-of-the-line technology.

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