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Solving church and temple security challenges

Religious center security and safety require a unique approach. Church security systems, security cameras and access control should be unobtrusive but still ensure the congregation is protected.

Provide peace of mind

The right security systems for churches, temples and synagogues can make a big difference in helping your congregation feel like a safe and welcoming space.

  • Deter criminal behavior

    Our smart church security camera systems deter and detect unwanted events like loitering, vandalism and intrusion.

  • Prevent unauthorized access

    Limit access to members and staff based on customizable permissions and door schedules.

  • Keep data secure

    Always-on encryption and watermarking ensures your church video camera system’s data and recordings stay protected.

Improve church and temple safety

Stay one step ahead with religious center video security and access systems designed to keep you in the know and in control 24/7.

  • Quickly initiate lockdowns

    Trigger an emergency Lockdown plan from any authorized device or with a PIN code to secure your house of worship against threats.

  • Integrate church safety systems

    Link your temple and church alarm system to surveillance cameras for smart notifications of potential incidents in real time.

  • View live footage on any device

    Increase situational awareness with cloud-native temple, mosque and church surveillance systems you can access on the device of your choice.

Grow your congregation

Discover how advanced church, mosque and synagogue security systems help you manage access for all your members, with real-time data and a remote management platform.

  • Track attendance

    Sync membership data with church security systems and get attendance insights in real-time to optimize schedules, events and classes.

  • Simplify access for members

    Our mobile credentials and touchless Wave to Unlock capabilities are easy and secure, with adjustable access levels for individuals and groups.

  • Manage from anywhere

    Cloud-native CCTV cameras for churches and temple security systems let you view live footage and unlock the door from any location, on any device.

Our customer stories

Hear how local congregations use our proactive church and synagogue security systems to keep people safe and grow their membership.

Avigilon technology for house of worship security

See how our integrated church video surveillance and access control solutions work to make every temple, synagogue, mosque and religious facility a secure, safe space.

Why choose Avigilon for religious center security

The integrated, cloud-native Avigilon Alta access and security camera system for churches, temples and houses of worship enhances safety with powerful AI capabilities and intuitive software.

  • Flexible sitewide lockdown

    Remotely activate lockdown plans for any type of emergency with the device of your choice, with the ability to share critical information and open specific doors for first responders from anywhere.

  • Attendance tracking and reporting

    Gain insights into service attendance and optimize staff scheduling with advanced access reporting and occupancy data.

  • AI-powered church video security

    Leverage the Alta Aware cloud-based software to simplify video monitoring for your religious center, complete with real-time alerts and remote access to all your footage.

Products to protect religious centers

Explore our range of church video cameras and access control products for securing all houses of worship and religious facilities.

Avigilon Ava Compact Dome

The ideal church security camera system has all of the AI-powered capabilities you need in a sleek, unobtrusive design.

Avigilon Video Reader Pro

Multi-technology Smart Reader with built-in HD video camera for visual verification of every access event.

Avigilon Smart Reader

Multi-technology reader that supports a variety of touchless and secure access methods to cater to your entire congregation.

Download the physical security guide

This comprehensive guide can help you better understand how the latest temple and synagogue security systems and church alarm systems work to proactively make your religious center or house of worship safer.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.