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Solving casino security challenges

Maintaining security while delivering a positive guest experience is paramount for casinos. Our solutions help you protect your assets, employees and guests without disrupting the flow of your establishment.

Enhance situational awareness

Stay aware of what is happening at your tables and slot machines with casino security camera systems that provide the detailed coverage you need.

  • Monitor every angle

    Versatile video security cameras for gambling floors offer up to four sensors that can be positioned to monitor virtually any area.

  • Maintain visibility

    IR and Lightcatcher technology helps you see through low light and smoke.

  • Ensure frame rate

    Meet frame rate requirements and ensure detailed video is captured in high-liability areas.

Meet regulatory requirements

Our casino security systems offer the technology you need to adhere to requirements in your region.

  • Ensure retention capacity

    Know your recorded video is safe with high-capacity video storage solutions that allow you to cost-effectively retain petabytes of video.

  • Maximize uptime

    Erasure Coding technology offers reliability and near-zero downtime, helping to ensure video archives are preserved for swift, on-demand retrieval and review.

  • Pay as you grow

    Make it easy to maintain compliance with a scalable solution that grows with your casino, featuring enterprise-grade drives from 225 TB to 1.5 PB per NVR.

Leverage AI-powered analytics

Video analytics help detect potential risks and bring them to your attention so that you can respond proactively.

  • Identify banned individuals

    Receive alerts when a banned or self-excluded individual enters your casino and track their route in real-time so your team can quickly respond.

  • Receive accurate alerts

    Next-Generation Video Analytics can detect up to 50 objects in a scene, even if they are stationary, providing greater accuracy on a crowded casino floor.

  • Ensure authorization before granting access

    Limit access to restricted areas with technology that allows you to review live video alongside access control alarms to verify the identity of a person.

Avigilon casino security systems

Discover the best technology for a casino surveillance system and access control.

Why choose Avigilon

Our security solutions offer the image clarity you need and feature AI-powered analytics to streamline workflows while helping you proactively detect, review and respond to potential risks.

  • Appearance Search technology

    Quickly locate a person of interest across your entire site, even within a crowd, with AI-powered Appearance Search technology.

  • Secure watch lists

    Add banned or self-excluded individuals to a secure watch list managed by authorized users at your casino to receive an alert when they enter the premises.

  • Unified ecosystem

    We bring together voice, data, video and analytics in an integrated security ecosystem to share intelligence across your casino, so your team can work more safely and efficiently.

Products and casino security technology

Explore our wide range of video security and access control products designed to help you foster a secure gaming environment.

Avigilon Unity Video

An intuitive, AI-enabled video management platform to bring you the most critical information, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Avigilon Unity Access

Secure back offices and sensitive areas with our browser-based solution, offering you the flexibility to respond from anywhere.

H5A Modular Camera

Built-in analytics for enhanced object detection and classification. Ready for discrete installation at every game table.

H5A Multisensor Camera

Achieve 360° coverage of your casino floor. Built-in AI analytics to proactively detect critical events or find a person of interest.

NVR5 Premium

Meet regulatory storage requirements with maximum capacity, retention and throughput to provide secure, reliable and scalable platforms.

VT100 Body-Worn Cameras

Extend your current video security program by providing live, first-person perspective video and audio.

Download the physical security guide

Choosing a gaming floor security system is an important decision that can impact your operations. Learn how to identify common threats and the most effective tools and methods to protect your casino.

Compliance and certifications

Our end-to-end security solutions are compliant with global government regulations and built on a trusted, cybersecure platform ‒ all designed to help you focus on what matters most.

SAFETY Act Designation

NDAA Compliant

SOC2 Type II Certified

ISO 27001 Certified

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.