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Video analytics that learn and improve automatically

Transform your video security with analytics that automatically process data and learns from experience. Make informed security decisions using insights from Avigilon Unity Video.

Detect, verify and act on critical events

Redefine how you interact with locally hosted video footage with Avigilon Unity Video. Streamline operations and maximize efficiency with automated alerts and real-time video previews. Gain greater situational awareness to help you make informed decisions with cutting-edge video analytics.

  • See where a response is needed

    Unity Video automatically detects and flags events that may require your attention, highlighting critical events on the interface.

  • Search and locate people or objects

    Find a person’s location or vehicle of interest across an entire site or multiple sites using Appearance Search.

  • Avigilon Unity Access unification

    Verify the identity of the person entering your premises with seamless unification of Unity Video with your Unity Access system.

Cloud-managed services built-in

Avigilon Unity Cloud Services allows you to seamlessly integrate your on-premise video security with cloud-managed functionality for a robust organization-wide security management platform. Enable a modern cloud-connected user experience to view live and recorded video to monitor sites and manage system health.

  • Anywhere, anytime access

    Easily accessible from any device and web browser, use Unity Cloud Services to monitor multiple locations and cameras.

  • Easy remote site management

    Manage sites with convenient, centralized access with user authentication.

  • Real-time health monitoring

    Prioritize maintenance efforts with a centralized dashboard and quickly review the operational status of security systems.

Powerful mobile video capabilities

Bring the power of Unity Video software to your mobile device to monitor security systems and quickly respond to incidents from any location with network connectivity using the Avigilon Unity Video mobile app. Stream HD video from multiple cameras, receive push notifications and view analytics on the Unity Video mobile app. Eliminate complex firewall configurations and gain secure remote access to your cloud-connected Unity Video sites with the mobile app’s integration with the Unity Cloud Services.

Avigilon Decision Management System

Enable a 100% cloud-based decision management module within Avigilon Unity Cloud Services. Streamline investigations with an intuitive interface, easily unify video, access control and intrusion management into a single screen. Improve security response speed and consistency with customizable procedures.

  • Single-screen interface

    View threats and alerts faster with a single screen interface that integrates with Avigilon Unity, Alta and Orchestrate.

  • Simplify decision-making

    Walk operators through each step of an incident and simplify interaction with security devices with the Operator Guide.

  • Collaborative incident reporting

    Effortlessly review automated incident reports with detailed steps, images, videos and operator actions in one place.

Avigilon Next-Generation Video Analytics

Maximize productivity and efficiency of your security teams using advanced pattern-based analytics and teach-by-example technology.

Avigilon Appearance Search

Quickly locate a person or vehicle over vast amounts of recorded video with ease.

Facial Recognition

Accelerate response times by quickly identifying people of interest.

Focus of Attention

Bring the user a more intuitive way to consume information about potential security events.

License Plate Recognition

Read license plates from vehicles and link them to the live and recorded video.

Cloud-connected capability

Extend management of on-premise video security to remote site management.

Maximize security intelligence

Make sense of performance data and identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement with the Decision Management System module.

Avigilon Unity Video software editions

The Avigilon Unity Video software is available in three editions.

Avigilon Smart Assurance Plan

Get the best protection for your Avigilon Unity Video investment with our one and multi-year upgrade plans. Stay up-to-date with the latest features and services.

Why choose a Smart Assurance Plan?

Maximize your Avigilon Unity Video system’s performance and stay on top of software and firmware updates for proactive maintenance and optimization with the Advanced System Health feature in all plans.

  • Protect your system investment

    Secure your Avigilon Unity Video system’s future with 1, 3 and 5‑Year upgrade plans. Never miss software upgrades for the duration of your plan.

  • Pain-free software upgrades

    Remotely manage and update your Avigilon system and devices with a complimentary Advanced System Health subscription.

  • Cost-certainty

    Multi-year plans offer predictable costs with no surprises over the life of your plan, reducing budgetary challenges for your security projects.

Find integrations with Avigilon Unity Video

Explore available software integrations to complement your on-premise video security and access control systems.

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