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Solving security challenges for banks

Our banking security systems feature intelligent and unified video and access control solutions that help banks remain safe and secure.

Control unauthorized entry

Our Avigilon Unity access control system helps you control every entry point within your bank and limits access to restricted areas.

  • Faster verification

    Instantly verify if a person seen carding in on camera matches the user ID profile picture associated with the access card they’re using.

  • Detect banned individuals

    Quickly identify banned individuals who enter your bank with AI-powered facial recognition technology that instantly alerts you.

  • Unified with video

    Integration with video management software allows you to detect someone at an access control point and verify the situation with live camera views.

Detect and verify faster

Ensure your bank surveillance cameras and system protects what matters most, with exceptional image quality and situational awareness of what is happening at your bank.

  • See in total darkness

    Our bank security cameras provide clear image detail in bright and dark areas, and optional Adaptive IR technology for consistent lighting in complete darkness.

  • Be notified of suspicious activity

    AI-powered analytics enhance bank video security by notifying you of unusual activity happening at your bank, allowing you to respond quickly.

  • Gain clear evidence

    Benefit from bank surveillance cameras with exceptional imaging quality so you can detect trespassers and provide stronger visual evidence when an event occurs.

Keep your data and property safe

Our on-premise and cloud-based banking security systems are compliant with global government regulations and built on a trusted, cybersecure platform.

  • Store footage in the cloud

    Store video footage and data directly to the cloud instead of storing locally to protect it from being overwritten, manipulated, stolen or destroyed.

  • Manage your security remotely

    Simplify your access to a distributed bank surveillance system across multiple branches, and manage the health of your systems from anywhere.

  • 201-2

    Ensure compliance

    Because compliance matters, our bank security cameras can be deployed as part of a bank surveillance system requiring FIPS-compliant cryptography.

Our customer stories

See how Avigilon security systems for financial institutions have helped our customers be safer, more efficient and safeguard their assets.

Avigilon technology to protect your banks

Learn how our video security and access control features help better protect your facilities.

Why choose Avigilon

Our products and technology allow you to deploy a bank security system that can help you detect potential threats, respond quickly and share information faster while complying with strict regulations.

  • Unified video and access control

    Easily verify the identity of a person attempting to access a bank using video and access control credentials, with the ability to unlock doors from the camera view.

  • Greater image detail when it matters

    Our bank security cameras are built with exceptional image detail, Adaptive IR technology, thermal imaging and more ‒ so you can detect faster and provide stronger visual evidence when an event occurs.

  • Next-Generation Video Analytics

    Intelligent video analytics bring the most important information to your attention so you can respond quickly and delegate your resources efficiently.

  • Flexible access options

    Keep the right areas of your bank secure with PIN-based and touchless mobile entry options, plus seamless integration with bank alarm systems to extend security beyond the front door.

Products for your bank security system

Explore our wide range of video security and access control products designed to help protect your banking and financial institutions.

H5A Modular Camera

Built-in analytics for enhanced object detection and classification. Ready to be installed for indoor and outdoor ATM machines.

Avigilon Unity Video

An intuitive, AI-enabled video management platform to bring you the most critical information, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Avigilon Unity Access

Achieve physical security at every entry point with our browser-based solution, offering you the flexibility to respond from anywhere.

Avigilon Smart Keypad Reader

Full Smart Reader functionality with PIN access for credentialed users and visitors, plus multi-factor authentication support.

H5A Fisheye Camera

Superior situational awareness with no blind spots and built-in video analytics to proactively detect critical events.

NVR5 Premium

High-performance recording, dense storage options with Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVR).

Get your free physical security guide

Choosing the right banking security system is a complex decision. Our comprehensive physical security guide is used by experts in the banking space as a go-to guide for implementing the best security to protect their financial institutions.

Compliance and certifications

Our end-to-end security solutions are compliant with global government regulations and built on a trusted, cybersecure platform ‒ all designed to help you focus on what matters most.

SAFETY Act Designation

NDAA Compliant

SOC2 Type II

ISO 27001+ Certified

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.