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Sleek security for a high-tech investment firm

When it comes to office aesthetics, K1 Investments taps into future-forward design and premium, innovative security to appeal to its high-tech client base.

Sleek design

Avigilon Alta’s sophisticated, minimalist design enhances the look and feel of K1’s new high-tech office space.

Convenient flexibility

K1 employees use their smartphones to access the office and accommodate visitors or deliveries thanks to Alta’s mobile credentials.

Compliance and security

Encrypted, cloud-based software keeps confidential information contained by protecting private meetings with defined access privileges.

Access made beautiful

Sleek solutions for a future-focused investment firm

Avigilon Alta’s sophisticated design and state-of-the-art technology is the perfect fit for K1’s vision of their high-tech headquarters.

Delivering on aesthetics and security

With a growing list of enterprise software clients, an important part of K1’s continued success depends on making a stellar first impression — and keeping private information protected.

Challenge: Compliance and convenience

With many different types of spaces requiring varying levels of access and security, including open layouts, indoor/​outdoor communal areas and private touchdown rooms, their access control management needs to be secure, customizable and available remotely 24/7 to accommodate door entry even when no one is physically in the office. Most of all, they wanted to create a high-tech, future-oriented space that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

Solution: Frictionless mobile access

Avigilon is the perfect partner for a firm like K1, that values both sophisticated design and innovative technology.

  • Touchless entry and 24/7 access

    Mobile credentials give employees and visitors frictionless entry, with the ability to remotely manage users and access levels from anywhere in the cloud.

  • End-to-end encryption

    Alta’s best-in-class technology helps K1 meet compliance requirements and protect their clients’ highly sensitive information.

  • Security with style

    From the parking garage, to the front door, to a range of meeting space types, Avigilon’s modern readers fit right into K1’s minimalist, future-forward aesthetic.

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