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Unified security solutions

To comply with industry regulations, CSCBank SAL (CSC) needed to deploy a solution that offered both video security and access control capabilities.

Integrated technology

Avigilon Unity brings together video security, access control and flexible cloud management under one centralized and scalable solution.

Evolving legacy systems

The Avigilon AI Appliance adds Self-Learning Video Analytics and Avigilon Appearance Search technology to almost any IP camera.

Faster video search

Avigilon Appearance Search sorts through hours of video with ease to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest.

AI-powered video analytics

Unusual Motion Detection leverages AI to learn what normal activity looks like within a scene, then flags anomalies for review.

Security solutions that do more

Read how CSC deployed a comprehensive Avigilon Unity security system to leverage the power of unified video security and access control technology to help protect its data center.

Challenge: Stringent security requirements

Having over 350 employees spread over two locations and strict security and privacy requirements, CSC needed to deploy a solution that offered both video security and access control capabilities in order to comply with industry regulations.

Solution: An intelligent ecosystem

CSC deployed an Avigilon security system to protect its people, property and assets with greater efficiency.

  • Seamless video security and access control

    Identity Search allows users to search for an individual using their access credentials, then run an Appearance Search within the same dashboard to view related video.

  • AI-powered analytics

    Unusual Motion Detection technology by detects and flags movement when there should be little to no movement, such as in areas that are not accessible after hours.

  • Expanded capabilities for older cameras

    The AI Appliance allowed CSC to leverage the benefits of advanced video analytics without having to get rid of their older cameras that do not have analytics built-in.

Result: A growing return on investment

CSC has frequently made use of the benefits provided by the Avigilon Unity platform’s integration of video security and access control technology, especially Identity Search and Appearance Search. The security team chose Avigilon because its solutions met their current security needs, and they are happy to see that new features and technologies are continuously introduced to offer additional value to the system.

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