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Develop joint solutions with Avigilon

The Avigilon Technology Partner Program offers third party software, hardware and development services vendors the opportunity to engage with Avigilon to drive value for our mutual customers.

Why choose Avigilon?

Avigilon solutions can be integrated with innovative, complementary applications to enhance our customers’ capabilities.

  • Open platform

    Our video security and access control portfolio is designed for seamless interoperability with third party software and hardware. Build custom integrations using our feature-rich software development kits (SDKs) and API’s.

  • Expand your market

    Through streamlined partner onboarding, support and communications, the Avigilon Technology Partner Program accelerates time-to-market for key partner integrations.

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Flexible deployment options

Our security is tailored to fit perfectly with your needs — no matter the industry, requirements, or complexity — with products and deployment options for both on-premise and cloud security.

Powerful on-premise video and access

Avigilon Unity is our AI-powered on-premise physical security platform that brings together video security, access control and flexible cloud management under one centralized and scalable solution.

It features an easy-to-use, AI-enabled video management interface and a powerful access control system that links access control events with video.

Security that is powerful, intelligent and unified.

Flexible cloud-based video and access

Avigilon Alta is our cloud-based security platform that empowers you to control your security from anywhere. Deploy a fully cloud-native security system, or connect Avigilon Alta with your existing cameras and readers to modernize them with innovative and intelligent cloud capabilities.

Secured with end-to-end encryption, the 100% serverless solution increases operational flexibility for any number of sites and locations.

Security that is open, flexible and scalable.

Unity and Alta Technology Partner Program

Ready to move the security industry forward together? Whether you are developing an Avigilon Unity or Avigilon Alta integration, you can get started today.

Join the Avigilon Unity Technology Partner Program

  • Access our Developer Support Community for developer documentation, tools and resources and support.

  • Test your completed integration and submit the results for review.

  • Become an Avigilon Unity Technology Partner by providing integration documentation and resources.

  • Take advantage of joint go-to-market benefits and enhanced support options.

Join the Avigilon Alta Technology Partner Program

  • Explore our open APIs

  • Apply to join our growing technology and app ecosystem.

  • Get access to the Alta Technology Partner Portal for support and developer tools.

  • Showcase your technology to the Avigilon Alta customer base in our App Marketplace.