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Automatically accelerate the flow of information

Orchestrate simplifies day-to-day operations with an intuitive interface to automate individual processes and expedite detection and response time.

Simplify and automate complex workflows

Orchestrate combines AI with digital business logic to help organizations determine how they detect, analyze, communicate and respond to operational events, improving situational awareness.

  • Automated, integrated workflows

    Create workflows with triggers from video events resulting in automated actions to be taken, such as a lockdown activation.

  • Advanced video analytics triggers

    Avigilon AI video analytics provide greater accuracy and enable faster responses, even in crowded scenes.

  • Easy to use

    Cloud-based tool allows you to make changes from anywhere, anytime, with a simple drag-and-drop design.

Discover all the automation possibilities

Motorola Solutions’ Orchestrate integrates a vast range of technologies, including video security, access control, land mobile radio communication and command center software, offering seamless workflow automation that helps make businesses and communities safer.

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Discover the various technologies that can be integrated with Motorola Solutions’ Orchestrate and included in your automated workflows.

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Avigilon Alta Aware

Enterprise-grade, cloud-based AI video management system (VMS) equipped with integrated machine learning capabilities.

Avigilon Unity Access

Protect people, properties and places with a scalable, browser-based access control system.

Avigilon Alta Access Control

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Vigilant ClientPortal

This industry-leading software analyzes captured vehicle data with patented analytics and extensive data management capabilities.

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