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Streamline security with LPR & ALPR systems

Avigilon’s license plate recognition systems and license plate detection software help you detect and verify potential threats, and automate parking enforcement for efficient management.

Avigilon Unity License Plate Recognition Analytics

Search and quickly find specific license plate captures for verification and investigation with Avigilon’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Our LPR technology automatically reads vehicle license plate information, linking it to live and recorded video.

  • Secure watch lists

    Create and import several license plate watch lists so that Avigilon Unity Video can provide security alerts for BOLO vehicles.

  • Regional support

    Configurable and user-friendly with global coverage, including North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and the UK.

  • Data privacy

    Limit LPR data access, enable retention and deletion rule settings with Avigilon Unity Video’s privacy features.

Motorola Solutions L6Q Quick-Deploy LPR Camera System

The L6Q is a portable license plate reader that scans vehicles moving up to 100 mph, up to 75 feet away, across multiple lanes and in all lighting conditions. Deploy your LPR system in under 20 minutes and scan vehicles when and where needed with its wide operating temperature range and flexible power options. Pair your L6Q with Vigilant ClientPortal to amplify insights with powerful analytics and take advantage of data-sharing capabilities to collaborate with your local law enforcement agency.

Vigilant ClientPortal software

Vigilant ClientPortal transforms LPR data into actionable intelligence. By sharing data with local law enforcement agencies, businesses can provide key data to help create a safer community. Sites can also search for a vehicle across billions of license plates and uncover previous sightings for association and location analysis. Create hot/​authorized lists for vehicles of interest and receive automatic alerts. Amplify parking operations and locate offenders with plate-based parking enforcement.

Alta Aware License Plate Recognition

Alta Aware LPR helps organizations leverage their existing security infrastructure to capture and track license plate data in real time. Dedicated video license plate recognition, expensive licensing and lack of control can now be a thing of the past. With Alta Aware LPR, you can get rules-based alerts for license plates of interest, speed up post-event investigations and optimize operations based on vehicle analytics and business intelligence.

Advanced LPR technology and solutions

License plate recognition and detection technology can relieve your daily pain points faster and more accurately than you thought possible.

Smart license plate recognition software

Take full advantage of intelligent automatic license plate recognition for your business with systems designed to be secure, simple and scalable.

Intuitive and reliable

Once your camera is installed in a location for monitoring traffic, you only need a valid license to enable ALPR on the device.

Open and scalable

Get the flexibility that you need. Integrate and extend LPR capabilities to the existing cameras in your deployment.

Proactive alerts

Rule-based detections can open gates for registered vehicles on a predetermined list, or trigger alarms for unauthorized entry.

Optimized operations

Monitor traffic flow and time of entry/exit, identify vehicles of interest, collect fines on repeat offenders and increase revenue.

Explore more intelligent solutions from Avigilon

See how our powerful AI and video analytics software solutions can detect anomalies, automate investigations and boost security and operational efficiency for your business.

Easy-to-install cameras

Select Avigilon cameras are equipped with built-in license plate detection and LPR analytics, plus additional robust security features to help you see the complete picture.

Avigilon Ava Bullet Camera

Our cloud-connected Bullet security camera provides two powerful wide and tele lenses, 4K image sensor and IR illumination.

Avigilon Ava Dome Camera

The cloud-enabled Dome security camera is versatile, robust, fit for outdoor camera use and effortless to install and manage.

H4 License Plate Capture Camera

Capture license plates on vehicles moving up to 62 mph (100 km/h) from a range of distances and in most lighting conditions.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.