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Effortlessly efficient and high-performing NVR security systems

Simplify asset management, streamline video security servers and experience high-performance recording with Avigilon Video Infrastructure solutions.

AI NVR Premium

Enterprise-hardened AI NVR with Next-Gen Video Analytics and up to 160 TB of storage for non-analytic and third-party cameras.

AI NVR Standard

Enterprise-hardened AI NVR with Next-Gen Video Analytics and up to 48 TB of storage for non-analytic and third-party cameras.

AI NVR 2 Value

Enterprise-hardened AI NVR with AdaptAI analytics and up to 24 TB of storage for non-analytic and third-party cameras.

NVR5 Premium High-density

High-performance NVR with up to 432 TB of storage.

NVR5 Premium

High-performance NVR with up to 224 TB of storage.

NVR5 Standard

High-performance NVR with up to 64 TB of storage.

NVR5 Value

High-performance NVR solution for small to midsize deployment with storage capacity up to 24TB.

NVR5 Premium FIPS

FIPS-compliant, high-performance NVR with up to 160 TB of storage.

HD Video Appliance

All-in-one server, storage solution, workstation and network switch.


NVR for medium to large organizations with mobile and distributed security solutions with non-analytic third-party cameras.

AI Appliance 2

Enhanced threat detection using cutting-edge AI-powered insights with AI Appliance 2.

Avigilon Workstations

Simplify security management with 4K video streaming for monitoring using the powerful and versatile Avigilon Workstation.

Avigilon Video Archive

Expand and retain petabytes of video with our high-performance and cost-efficient archive solutions.

IP Horn Speaker

Effectively communicate site wide and take swift action with the Avigilon Speaker.

Analog Video Encoder

Transform your legacy analog system to an IP-based network system.

Innovative video storage and NVR security solutions

Avigilon’s recording solutions offer scalable and cost-efficient video storage, optimized software for lower deployment costs, faster data processing and reliable performance.

Maximize your security potential with Avigilon’s video infrastructure solutions

Avigilon’s video infrastructure and NVR camera security solutions provide high-quality and reliable performance, with scalable storage and preconfigured software for efficient deployment. Minimize server maintenance and optimize business needs with cloud-connected health monitoring.

  • Flexible and scalable tier‑1 storage

    Reliable and efficient data storage solutions that can grow alongside your needs.

  • Quick and simple deployment

    Streamline the installation process to integrate new technologies into security operations efficiently.

  • Remote-site management

    Enhance operational efficiency with a centralized system to monitor and manage operations in multiple locations.

Respond faster with AI-powered insights

  • Protect your people and property with real-time threat detection using our smart NVR security systems
  • Enable teams to respond faster to critical events, as the NVR5 series seamlessly supports Avigilon Appearance Search, Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition (LPR) analytics
  • Streamline maintenance, increase system availability and minimize on-site service calls for your sites with Advanced System Health capability using Avigilon Unity Cloud Services

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.