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Concealed Weapons Detection and Screening System

Keep government buildings, stadiums and schools safe from concealed weapons and threats with Motorola Solutions’ Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD), powered by evolv technology.  The touchless system allows you to walk through without emptying pockets or bags and can screen over 3600 visitors per hour. 

CWD is available in North America only.

  • 3600 visitors per hour
  • Next-Generation Video Analytics
  • Avigilon Modular camera
  • Radio Alert

Fast, intelligent touchless weapons screening

Respond faster to critical events with eyes on the scene using built-in Avigilon Modular cameras and Next-Generation Video Analytics for faster individual identification and classification.

Focus-of-Attention alarms

Appearance Search

Radio Alert

Avigilon H5A Modular camera

Respectful, hassle-free experience

Walk through the CWD system without pausing to empty your pockets or offer bags for inspection, while moving side-by-side with other visitors through CWD’s multi-lane entrances. The system detects potential threats in real-time and alerts operators via Avigilon Unity Video.

  • No false-alarm for keys or phones
  • Easy visitor flow
  • Concealed guns

Easy to deploy and operate

The indoor and outdoor CWD system is easy to set up and to move around, making it flexible for different situations. It reduces physical contact and streamlines security measures for entrances and events. Security teams can respond to potential threats quickly and accurately, as shown in real-time, where a threat may be located on a person’s body or in their bag with its five sensitivity settings for different threat levels.

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