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An integrated technology ecosystem

Radio Alert takes our easy-to-use video management software (VMS) — that leverages advanced AI and video analytics — and integrates it with MOTOTRBO and APX P25 radios, keeping your team connected.

Powerful VMS meets reliable two-way radio communications

Receive Avigilon Unity Video alarms and alerts on your MOTOTRBO and APX P25 radios. Alarms triggered by video analytics and access control are automatically pushed to the radios in the form of text messages and/​or text-to-voice alerts. Review alarms from the radios and investigate without needing to be at a computer.

  • Contextual alerts

    Receive Avigilon Unity Video alarms for analytics, access control and watchlist match events as alerts on the radio.

  • Proactive notifications

    Alarms are dispatched directly to radios via text message and/​or text-to-voice alerts – perfect for when you’re on-the-go.

  • Two-way confirmation

    Acknowledge an alarm directly from your radio and quickly respond without having to monitor a computer screen continuously.

Working better together

You can be on active patrol while confidently relying on AI from our powerful VMS to monitor and inform you over radio of security matters that require further investigation or immediate response. Whether you’re protecting a small site or a large enterprise, Radio Alert is designed to let you be more productive and can scale and grow with you.

Compatible products

Protect what matters most with our integrated ecosystem, bringing together the most cutting-edge technologies that work cohesively in more powerful ways.

Avigilon Unity Video

Stay in the know with a powerful VMS that combines AI-powered analytics, access control integration and flexible cloud management.


Achieve connectivity across multiple sites with superior voice clarity, outstanding range and long battery life.

APX P25 radios

Meet the communication needs of mission-critical operations with a rugged design, clear voice quality and intelligent capabilities.

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Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.