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Solving enterprise security challenges

Business needs are always evolving — your security systems should too. Learn how advanced access control and video surveillance technology is streamlining security for enterprises across the globe.

Lower costs with future-proof security

Enterprise-grade security systems should give you unprecedented visibility and control over all your locations, so you can do more with less investment.

  • Automate operations

    Our enterprise security camera and access technology includes automatic updates and powerful rules engines for custom alerts and actions.

  • Scale your technology in the cloud

    Easily add new devices, sites, users and cameras to your network with cloud-based management on a single pane of glass.

  • Retain existing investments

    Integrate and modernize existing access and enterprise security camera systems with hybrid cloud deployments.

Multi-site management made smarter

Technology equipped with state-of-the-art intelligence helps businesses scale large enterprise security systems efficiently and make informed decisions quickly.

  • Leverage built-in intelligence

    Analytics from AI-powered enterprise video cameras and smart access control systems helps leaders make key decisions faster and with greater certainty.

  • Customize your system

    Tailor your enterprise security system with cloud integrations, granular and site-specific controls, and customizable rule triggers and user dashboards.

  • Boost productivity

    Instant credentialing, cloud-based management and remote access provide enterprise-level security from anywhere in the world.

Keep your people, data and property safe

Featuring end-to-end encryption and tamper-proof hardware, our enterprise video surveillance and access systems maximize convenience without sacrificing security.

  • Audit security in real-time

    Identify issues quickly with access logs and enterprise video surveillance systems equipped with advanced search and forensic-level detail.

  • Share video footage securely

    Instantly grant secure cloud access to footage from enterprise video surveillance systems to share with team members and first responders.

  • Stay informed in the moment

    Enterprise-grade video cameras feature AI analytics to alert your teams and help them focus on critical incidents as soon as they occur.

Our customer stories

Hear how today’s companies rely on Avigilon for enterprise security that adapts to their changing business needs.

Avigilon enterprise security technology

Discover the best enterprise video surveillance and access control technology for your business.

Powerful security features built to scale

See how our enterprise security solutions, cloud-native Avigilon Alta and on-premise Avigilon Unity Video & Access, are tailored to support the needs of large businesses and multi-site organizations.

  • Video security anomaly detection and analytics

    Intelligent enterprise video security for businesses helps identify loud noises, intruders, mailroom vulnerabilities, loitering or unauthorized vehicles in real-time with instant notifications.

  • Future-proof automation

    Increase ROI and efficiency thanks to system-wide updates, IoT integrations, combined activity audits and intuitive configurations to control who has access to your data and when.

  • Enterprise-grade management software

    Our enterprise software packages include features designed to make managing any number of locations easier and more efficient, including enhanced role management and occupancy tracking.

  • Flexible access methods

    Our range of multi-technology readers supports all the credentials your organization needs, including touchless and mobile options, PIN codes and encrypted key cards and fobs — it all works together.

Products for enterprise security systems

Explore our wide range of enterprise video cameras and access control security solutions for small and large enterprises.

Avigilon Ava Quad Camera

Gain full visibility over wide spaces and bring focus to four different areas as needed. Ideal for parking lots and large businesses.

Avigilon Ava Dome Camera

Capturing every detail day and night, the Dome features remote motorized zoom and high-res sensors to help focus from short to long distances.

Avigilon Ava Bullet Camera

Capture clear, sharp images in all light conditions with two powerful lenses, a 4K image sensor, IR illumination, optical zoom and more.

Avigilon Smart Keypad Reader

Full Smart Reader functionality with PIN-based access for credentialed users and visitors, plus support for multi-factor authentication.

NDEB Wireless Lock

Cylindrical lock supports key cards, fobs, mobile and cloud key credentials to enhance enterprise security for offices.

Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro

Multi-technology reader with a built-in HD camera and AI intercom capabilities adds enterprise-grade call routing to any entry.

Get your free physical security guide

Whether you’re looking to scale up a small enterprise security system or want to optimize existing infrastructure, this comprehensive guide is designed to help you improve security posturing for your multi-site enterprise.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.