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Mono Production turns its lens on security

Mono Production installed a new Avigilon system, more specifically, the powerful Avigilon Unity suite, to help security personnel efficiently monitor video and expedite investigations.

Better visibility

The Avigilon cameras provide exceptional video quality so video security operators can see exactly what is happening.

Quicker results

With the easy footage search functionality of Avigilon Unity Video, operators can investigate incidents faster.

Intelligent analytics

Detect moving people and vehicles, notifying operators of events that may need further investigation.

Simple installation

The Avigilon H4 SL camera line is easy to set up as the installation time of these cameras is up to 50% quicker.

A new focus on security for Mono Production

Find out how Mono Production utilized the Avigilon Unity solution to enhance security efficiency by effectively detecting incidents and expediting incident investigations.

Challenge: Unify video security operations

The main challenge was that several different brands of security cameras had been added over time, and the company had never implemented a platform to unify them all. Some of the earlier cameras offered very poor image quality, which made it difficult to review live video and investigate events. Finding relevant video was a long and tedious process, and when events were found, there was often very little information that could actually be gleaned from it.

Solution: A powerful, unified security suite

With the Avigilon Unity suite, Mono Production has centralized video security onto one platform from where it can monitor safety.

  • Clear footage provides great detail

    The footage captured by the new Avigilon cameras enables the video security team to spot potential incidents and clearly see who is involved.

  • Investigate incidents faster

    Using Unity Video VMS allows the operator to quickly search through footage of an incident to gather the information required for investigations.

  • Detect potential threats

    With Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics, operators are instantly notified of events that may require their attention.

Result: A safer site for Mono Production

Avigilon Unity Video, leveraged in tandem with a comprehensive camera installation, has drastically reduced the amount of recording hardware that Mono Production depends on; and with its superior search and playback capabilities, it has also increased efficiencies for the security team by more than 35%.

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