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Solving gym security challenges

Our intelligent access solutions and gym security cameras make it simpler for health club operators to protect people, equipment and your bottom line.

Mitigate crime in your health club

Gyms are often hot spots for theft, vandalism and liability claims. Investing in a smart fitness center surveillance system can help minimize security incidents and better protect your facilities.

  • Deter theft with gym surveillance systems

    Install visible health club security cameras with AI analytics to prevent theft and help teams quickly locate incidents as they occur.

  • Investigate incidents remotely

    Our cloud-native fitness center security cameras let you view real-time footage and easily search recorded video on any device.

  • Improve gym safety

    Limit access to members only and give staff the flexibility to remotely control the doors for lockouts, emergencies and maintenance.

Optimize your operations

Efficiently manage a rotating roster of members and gym staff with insights from cloud-connected fitness center security technology and software.

  • Track occupancy and attendance

    Gym security cameras and readers with built-in capacity tracking help you identify peak hours and classes for improved scheduling.

  • Reduce staffing costs

    Gym surveillance systems with AI analytics help you monitor traffic and pinpoint potential issues faster, so staff members can focus on what matters.

  • Improve membership management

    Integrate with membership software to automate billing, instantly issue or revoke access and better cater to individual member preferences.

Grow your health club business

Utilize real-time data and remote management to inform key business decisions and streamline security for any number of fitness centers and health clubs.

  • Add devices with ease

    Cloud-native technology lets you add or adjust gym and health club surveillance systems at any time based on your business needs.

  • Control security from anywhere

    Leverage 100% remote management to change gym permissions, adjust door schedules, check video camera footage or lock down the site.

  • Connect all your systems

    Our open platforms enable seamless integrations so you can automate processes and view combined data insights to better manage your health clubs.

Avigilon products for health clubs

Learn how our sophisticated cloud-based technology and integrations help increase safety and security for health clubs and fitness centers.

Features of our gym security solutions

Our Avigilon Alta access control and gym video surveillance solutions are designed to make managing any number of locations more efficient, with AI-powered analytics and cloud-native capabilities.

  • Mobile credentials for 24/7 access

    Eliminate the need to stock and issue cards or fobs for members with secure touchless access using their smartphone.

  • Powerful insights with Smart Presence™

    Get real-time location and heat-mapping data to optimize traffic flow and accurately track gym attendance, with the ability to view live and recorded footage from anywhere in the world.

  • Bespoke integration with ABC Fitness

    Enhance gym management with activity logs and reporting tools in a singular user-friendly dashboard and customize member and staff access based on schedules, classes and club location.

  • Investigate incidents with Smart Search™

    Quickly locate footage to investigate incidents like theft or vandalism and gather evidence for liability claims with forensic search capabilities in the Avigilon Alta Aware platform.

Recommended products for fitness centers

Explore our wide range of health club security cameras and access control products ideal for gym and fitness facilities.

Avigilon Standard Smart Reader

The Standard Reader supports multiple touchless access methods, including Wave to Unlock, in-app, Smart Watch and remote unlock.

Avigilon Ava Compact Dome

Versatile and sleek, the 5MP Compact Dome AI security camera is effortless to install and manage, ideal for discreet indoor setups.

Avigilon Ava Flex Camera

Featuring integrated environmental sensors and built-in analytics, the Flex helps make indoor spaces safer and more comfortable.

Download our physical security guide

Learn how to leverage the latest access control, video cameras and cloud technology to future-proof your gym surveillance systems and make your health clubs a safe, welcoming space.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.