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Get more out of your collected vehicle data

Add an unmatched layer of efficiency to your security and parking operations with ALPR recognition analytics. Opt for data sharing to help law enforcement operations and help with community safety.

Stay on top of your security by analyzing the vehicle data collected by your cameras and Unity Video

Manage hot lists and alerts, conduct searches and run patented LPR analytics such as association and location analysis and convoy identification. Access billions of license plate detections shared across ClientPortal software. Visualize the location of wanted vehicles with mapping tools and leverage historical data to identify the likeliness of a vehicle being present at a given geographic location with location analytics. Receive automatic alerts when vehicles of interest enter your premises.

Data sharing: Bridging law enforcement and local businesses through Public-Private Partnerships

Create a safer community by participating in innovative and collaborative license plate-sharing programs where businesses can contribute crucial data to law enforcement agencies. Through this program, businesses may aid law enforcement agencies in detecting and respond to Be-On-the-Lookout (BOLOs) for vehicles without the business needing to take any action, and ultimately help foster a secure environment.

Generate insights for additional security

Empower your security team with LPR detection data, vehicle location analytics and plate-based parking enforcement capabilities. Configure your data retention and data sharing settings.

License plate and location search

Enter a complete or partial license plate and pin down the past and possible future whereabouts of a vehicle.

Vehicle filtering

Narrow down your search results by using the year, make, model and color filters for more accuracy.

Watch list management

Create watch lists and be automatically alerted when vehicles of interest enter your premises.


Create reports on active and historical alerts and understand behaviors to better assess resources and maximize security.

Plate-based access control

Create a list of permitted license plates within an area and automatically detect suspicious vehicles.

Digital chalking

Configure parking parameters based on time and be alerted when vehicles stay over their allowed duration.

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Configure the L6Q LPR camera to trigger when vehicles move at specific speeds, up to 100 mph, and travel directions, up to 75 feet.

Avigilon Unity Video Software

Designed to bring the right information to you so you can take action, Unity Video provides an easy-to-use, AI-enabled user interface.

H5A-PTZ Camera

The H5A-PTZ brings wide area coverage and can automatically track people and vehicles of interest for greater detail.

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