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Empower preparedness. Streamline response.

Help make communities, schools and workplaces safer with Rave Mobile Safety, providing incident management solutions for emergency communications, mass notification and response planning. 

Trusted safety solutions

An easy-to-use, powerful platform for critical communication and collaboration that enables you to manage incidents, increase operational resiliency and help save lives.

  • Critical communications

    Enables high-volume, multimodal, two-way communications to stay informed and actionable.

  • Safety and protection

    Stay connected and maximize the safety of your employees and facilities.

  • 911 response

    Enhances emergency preparedness and response.

Instant alerts when seconds count

Rave Alert is a leading mass notification system offering reliable, multimodal messages in three clicks.

  • Designed for ease of use

    Built to be user-friendly for seamless deployment and daily management, enabling effective communication in emergency and non-emergency situations.

  • Streamlined communication

    Effortlessly send unlimited customized and multilingual messages from a single launch point across all internet-connected devices.

  • Unmatched performance you can rely on

    Rave Alert is backed by public safety grade infrastructure and reliable implementation, support and customer success teams.

Expedite sitewide communications

Instantly communicate any type of emergency with one push of the Rave Panic Button.

  • Faster response

    One-push activation of any type of emergency initiates faster response and two-way communication with 911, first responders and on-site personnel.

  • Stay informed on all activity

    Get complete visibility into every panic button activation for internal stakeholders and 911, including location, incident type and facility data.

  • Streamlined security

    Integrate radios, cameras, video management and access control into one tool with Motorola Solutions Orchestrate.

Experience unmatched reliability

Instant response when time is of the essence

See how Rave Alert and Rave Panic Button work together seamlessly to help place safety first, from the earliest stages of an incident to fast response and informed communication.

Technical documentation & software
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Certified solutions you can depend on

Rave Alert and Rave Panic Button are certified, reliable and widely implemented solutions in the U.S. Rave Alert is FedRAMP-authorized, and Rave Panic Button is FirstNet Verified.

DHS SAFETY Act Designation

DHS SAFETY Act Certification


FirstNet Verified

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.