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Solving apartment building security challenges

Apartment security shouldn’t get in the way of a great living experience. Learn how streamlining access, video surveillance and multifamily residential gate security solutions can impact your property.

Instant access via QR code scan

No more fumbling with an old-fashioned intercom. The tenant-focused Virtual Directory is a QR code scanning feature. Just a quick scan brings up the entire tenant directory on a phone within seconds.

  • Virtual tenant directory

    Our Virtual Directory feature simplifies navigation with a clean, easy-to-use interface. Give users the ability to find and call the person they’re visiting in a snap.

  • Direct calling capability

    Our innovative system allows for direct calling to the person in the registered directory, straight from a smartphone. No more miscommunications or waiting.

  • Enhanced security with convenience

    Our Virtual Directory feature empowers you to effectively manage intercom operations, with automatic user sync and custom QR codes for each reader.

Create a safer community

Unified security systems for apartment buildings allow you to see the bigger picture. Empower your teams with real-time video and combined data streams for proactive protection of the entire property.

  • Secure every space

    Complete condominium security solutions for lobbies, building amenities, gated garages, elevators and individual units managed on a single pane of glass.

  • Investigate threats quickly

    Remotely monitor video and access with customizable watch lists, smart alerts for unusual activity and forensic search capabilities.

  • Improve incident response

    Know when and where to send security or first responders by connecting cameras, sensors and door entry with alarm systems for apartment buildings.

Security as an amenity

Today’s tenants want to know their homes are secure. Investing in a modern apartment building security system shows residents you’re prioritizing their safety and protecting their belongings.

  • Increase tenant satisfaction

    Give tenants peace of mind with a condominium security system, including cameras in communal spaces, a reliable condo building alarm system and secure entry.

  • Promote reliability

    Our trusted apartment building security systems have 99.9% reliability and optimal uptime with offline sync and hardware performance alerts.

  • Leverage interoperable technology

    Make your existing infrastructure smarter and future-proof new deployments with apartment building security systems designed to integrate seamlessly.

Manage multifamily buildings with ease

Smart multifamily residential security solutions make managing any number of condo and apartment buildings easier, thanks to flexible configurations, remote operation and intelligent alerts.

  • Scale your operations and save costs

    Save on time and costs to deliver updates, create credentials or alter access to a lock without visiting the locks individually with Allegion No-Tour mode.

  • Streamline tenant turnover

    Instantly issue and revoke resident access with adjustable permissions in cloud-connected security systems for apartment complexes.

  • See all your properties in real time

    Multi-site security management software with video mapping, integrated activity logs, AI analytics and instant alerts sent right to your device.

Our customer stories

See how real multifamily residential owners and operators are leveraging smart security systems to enhance the tenant experience and increase ROI at their properties.

Avigilon security technology for apartment buildings

Discover future-proof apartment complex and condo building security systems and products designed with multifamily properties in mind.

Top features for multifamily security

Avigilon Alta’s cloud-native multifamily residential security systems streamline property management with flexible, AI-powered cameras and access control for unprecedented visibility and reliability.

  • The next generation of intercom at the door

    Combining all your front door security devices, our reimagined intercom technology features Virtual Directory capabilities, reliable touchless access, live video, two-way audio and smart call routing.

  • Intelligent alerts and integrated systems

    Cloud-based video monitoring and real-time alerts ensure your apartment building security teams can investigate incidents as soon as they occur, with accurate reporting and sharp image quality.

  • Customizable digital Guest Pass

    Easily grant entry for visitors, vendors, maintenance and deliveries with customizable Guest Passes sent right to their smartphone, so they have access to the right spaces at the right times.

Products for apartment and condo buildings

Explore our range of recommended access control and video security systems for multifamily residential buildings and complexes.

Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro

Visually verify all guests with AI-powered call routing to your smartphone, plus full Smart Reader and remote unlock capabilities.

Avigilon Smart Keypad Reader

Enable secure PIN-based entry and multi-factor authentication for residential buildings, apartment amenities and gated communities.

Schlage Control Smart Lock

Support for multiple touchless access methods, in-app unlocks via Bluetooth, Cloud Key and Guest Pass. Allegion No-Tour compatible.

Free apartment building and multi-family security planning guide

Use this helpful guide to learn about the best multifamily residential security solutions, including tips for configuring video security, access control and security alarms for apartment complexes, condos and gated communities.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.