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Keeping people safe at scale

Phipps Houses, the largest not-for-profit developer of affordable housing in New York City, manages over 15,000 residents, so having an agile security system is crucial to ensuring community safety.

Fast, intelligent forensics

Real-time searches across all Phipps Houses locations reduces the burden on security teams.

Proactive alerting

If a door, for instance, is propped open or a boundary is crossed, alerts are sent to security operators instantaneously.

Remote management

Teams can monitor access control or physical security events remotely from any web browser, providing true 24x7 visibility.

Open and integrated

The Avigilon Alta solution meshes with a wide variety of third-party technologies, minimizing management time and devices.

Safety and security have never been easier

The Avigilon Alta system enhances existing hardware, enables 24/7 real-time incident alerting, and integrates with existing cameras to ensure the safety of all Phipps House residents and guests.

Challenge: Reducing complexity

Phipps Houses needed a user-friendly video security solution that integrated with existing hardware and was accessible by non-security staff. In the past, if an incident occurred outside of regular working hours, it would either go undetected or have a delayed response, putting residents and staff at risk. They required a system offering 24×7 proactive security using AI and analytics, ensuring efficient protection of residents, staff and volunteers without burdening security teams.

Solution: The power of integrated technology

Phipps Houses turned to integrated security experts New York Security Solutions Inc. (NYSS) and Avigilon Alta to deliver a complete and simple intelligent video security solution. Specific elements of the Phipps Houses new intelligent video solution included: smart cameras with AI powered learning to better prevent security incidents, a cloud-based platform to keep security organized and integration with existing Phipps Houses systems.

Result: A safer future for affordable housing

With more than 15,000 people living in Phipps housing across the Greater New York area, the number one priority is the safety, security and overall well-being of their residents. Seconds matter when protecting a community of this size. The video security solution provided by Avigilon Alta allows Phipps Houses to proactively investigate incidents quickly, around the clock. The simplicity of the system means anyone on staff can jump in and resolve an issue — not just trained security personnel.

Have questions? We can help

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