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How Long Beach Housing Authority reduces crime

With the Avigilon Unity solution and its powerful video analytics, Long Beach Housing Authority (LBHA) has seen a dramatic 70 percent reduction of crime in their housing development.

Expansive coverage

Installed at key points, the Avigilon cameras minimize blind spots and provide expansive coverage of areas that require monitoring.

Seamless video management

Footage can be searched and accessed instantly to provide live and post-incident analysis on Avigilon Unity Video.

Intelligent analytics

Video analytics, such as loitering detection, detects unusual behavior and alerts the operator of a potential threat.

Easy transition to digital

Avigilon Analog Video Encoders migrate legacy analog systems to a network-based IP system without replacing the analog cameras.

Keeping residents and the local community safe

Explore how LBHA dramatically reduced crime levels across their housing development by utilizing the powerful Avigilon Unity solution to detect, verify and respond to threats and incidents.

Challenge: Safeguard tenants from crime

LBHA is committed to helping people lift themselves out of poverty, and its Channel Park Homes and Sol Scher Apartments provide life-changing support for those in very vulnerable situations. However, low-income neighborhoods can face issues related to crime and vandalism, and the area around LBHA is no different. With a mandate to ensure the well-being of its tenants, LBHA knew it had to find a more effective way to keep its residents, employees and the surrounding community safe.

Solution: Effective video security

The Avigilon system provides clear video for better coverage, and Unity Video gives the real-time alerts needed to handle events.

  • Crystal clear video footage

    Avigilon video security cameras provide enhanced image quality and, equipped with video analytics, can detect and alert operators of potential threats.

  • Enhanced video management

    Unity Video provides LBHA with a sophisticated VMS that enables real-time notification of critical events for review and the ability to easily export video.

  • Migrated analog cameras to digital

    Avigilon Analog Video Encoders have allowed LBHA to continue to use their existing analog cameras but work alongside the new technology.

Result: Safety and security for residents

The benefits of the Avigilon solution have been substantial. In fact, the Long Beach PD has become fully integrated with the system, streaming and downloading video directly from the site to their HQ and on mobile devices.

Ultimately, the reduction of crime has helped LBHA build a community where locals feel protected. By deploying Avigilon, LBHA was able to deter crime and vandalism and proactively respond to events, keeping residents, employees, and the greater community safe.

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