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Helping create safer airports

TAGSA raised its security standards by implementing a comprehensive video security solution from Avigilon Unity that enhances situational awareness for improved safety and security.

Enhanced awareness

With the help of AI video analytics, operators can take advantage of improved coverage and be instantly alerted to threats.

Lower costs

Costs are reduced by integrating the analog system and third-party cameras into the new IP platform.

Faster investigations

With the help of Avigilon’s powerful cameras, operators can quickly search vast areas to locate an individual or an object.

See the finer details

Our high-resolution cameras capture clear video that improves threat detection and provides details vital for investigations.

Smarter, AI-powered security

Find out how TAGSA has significantly strengthened its airport security, improved the protection of passengers and staff and enhanced the efficiency of airport operations.

Challenge: Improve incident response

With 180 hectares of area and an average of 3.8 million passengers yearly, TAGSA plays a crucial role as an international airport. Given its relevance, it faces various threats from organized crime.

To maintain the high service standards that have characterized them, TAGSA considers it vitally important to have a modern and effective video security system. The fundamental purpose of this investment is to improve the safety and well-being of passengers, staff and air operations.

Solution: Effective video security solution

By implementing the Avigilon Unity video security system, TAGSA has improved the security of its facility and enhanced operations.

  • Improved coverage and awareness

    With Avigilon Unity, the airport can cover more areas of its facility with high-resolution cameras that capture clear video for improved threat detection.

  • Enhanced investigations

    The implementation of Avigilon Unity has helped to locate unattended luggage and lost items while providing evidentiary footage for forensic investigations.

  • Positive travel experiences

    By improving the airport’s security, passengers can enjoy a safer and more efficient travel experience.

Result: A safer airport

The Avigilon Unity system by Motorola Solutions has significantly improved the airport’s security and operations. As a result, staff and passengers can expect a safer and more efficient experience. This translates into optimized threat detection and response efforts, which in turn has led to a decrease in crime rates.

Plans are underway to install Avigilon Unity’s access control system, further enhancing security by allowing the TAGSA to manage access to restricted spaces.

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