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Gain superior situational awareness

Avigilon security solutions have intelligent, AI-powered occupancy management technology built into the hardware and software, enabling real-time visibility and enhanced operational awareness.

Monitor occupancy with Alta Aware

Achieve real-time visibility and enhanced operational awareness with Avigilon’s intelligent, AI-powered occupancy management technology built right into the hardware and software solutions.

  • Automatic occupancy counting

    Monitor large facilities and keep a rolling total of the flow of people and vehicles in and out of your premises.

  • Real-time maps with Smart Presence™

    Understand the flow of your space with occupancy tracking cameras that count people, vehicles and objects as they move.

  • Intuitive visual heatmaps

    Identify hotspots to pinpoint congestion or suspicious behavior, ideal for public areas and store occupancy tracking.

Occupancy Counting Video Analytics

Cost-effectively analyze visitor flow at your site with Avigilon’s Occupancy Counting Video Analytics. Eliminate the need for manual counting and guesswork by automating people counting using Avigilon video security cameras and Unity Video software.

Leverage access control for real-time occupancy data

Avigilon entry/​exit door readers can be configured to provide an accurate count of people in a specific zone. The real-time visual representation of occupancy tracking in Alta Control Center helps admins quickly identify areas of concern and respond accordingly. You can also integrate Avigilon Alta with commercial IoT occupancy tracking sensors to anonymously monitor capacity with alerts for incidents like tailgating. Alta Occupancy is available with Premium and Enterprise software packages.

How to utilize occupancy sensor data

See how advanced occupancy counting technology and software from Avigilon can help improve business and workplace operations, inform key decisions and make your buildings safer and more secure.

Inform decisions with analytics

Real-time insights with Avigilon’s occupancy counter analytics and heatmapping tools can help reduce costs by eliminating underutilization of space at your commercial sites.

  • Efficient resource allocation

    Reduce costs and resource utilization by tracking occupancy levels and adjusting staffing or any equipment usage.

  • Boost productivity

    Allocate resources where needed and increase revenue opportunities with real-time occupancy data and insights.

Automate occupancy limit policies

Use live occupancy monitoring data from cameras and door readers to automatically decline entries beyond set capacity limits and improve traffic flow throughout your property.

  • Real-time occupancy counting alerts

    Receive notifications to your device when specific spaces reach or exceed capacity based on access control activity or in-view area counting data.

  • Remotely control building access

    Leverage API calls and cloud-based controls to remotely lock or unlock entries connected to your building occupancy tracking system.

Proactive emergency response

Avigilon Alta’s Muster Report feature uses most recent access activity and occupancy counting technology to facilitate quick personnel rosters in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Pull access data as needed from specified entry points, and connect to commercial IoT occupancy tracking sensors to get live occupancy data and accurate reports on who is in the building, with the ability to mark users as safe directly in the Alta Control Center software.

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