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How Avigilon supports public-private partnerships

Public-private partnerships for public safety empower communities to take a more proactive role in their safety and allow an exchange of information and real-time intelligence that can keep both citizens and officers safer.

Improving public safety

Leverage video security for public-private partnerships and other public-private partnerships security solutions to help enhance public safety and allow communities to thrive.

  • Responsible and proactive crime fighting

    When agencies have the right technology to streamline existing cameras from businesses, they can foster a safer and more connected response within the community.

  • Gain clear evidence

    CCTV security for public-private partnerships allows cameras with high imaging quality to provide strong visual evidence when an event occurs.

  • Robust camera-sharing program

    Enhance the safety of your community and keep important business assets protected through camera-sharing programs.

Stronger outcomes for public safety

Businesses who take part can easily share their cameras with law enforcement by designating the sites and cameras they want to share.

  • Respond more quickly

    When businesses deploy a video security system for public-private partnerships, they provide law enforcement with a real-time view of what is happening.

  • Increase collaboration

    By sharing video feeds, you create an exchange of information and real-time intelligence to increase public safety.

  • Rapid investigations

    Public-private partnerships security solutions allow law enforcement easier access to recordings in the event of an investigation.

Security suitable for all sizes

Choose a public-private partnership package that suits your deployment needs, whether you are integrating new or existing cameras and manage your own video security deployment or not.

  • Flexible and scalable packages

    Based on your needs and budget, choose from three Avigilon public-private partnership packages to help better protect your business.

  • Connect to the cloud

    Connect your video management platform to the cloud with Avigilon Unity Cloud Services to enable secure, remote access to your systems from anywhere.

  • Simple and easy to install

    Benefit from cameras with a modular design that snaps into surface and in-ceiling mount adapters for fast and easy, tooless installation.

Avigilon technology for public-private partnerships

Choosing the right video security system for public-private partnerships is an integral part of keeping your community safer.

Why choose Avigilon

Our technology supports innovative and collaborative camera sharing, where businesses can integrate their security camera deployments with law enforcement operations.

  • Powerful alerts

    Our AI technology alerts law enforcement of important events happening at your site, so action can be taken quickly.

  • Streamlined unification

    Avigilon Unity sites can be interfaced with law enforcement systems such as Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral Aware by connecting them to the cloud using Avigilon Unity Cloud Services.

  • Video analytics for public-private partnerships

    Add analytic capability to new or existing video security cameras, enabling you to intelligently record locally, monitor centrally and manage remotely.

The right products for public-private partnerships

Explore our wide range of video security and access control products for your public-private partnerships security solution.

Avigilon Unity Video

An intuitive, AI-enabled video management platform to bring you the most critical information, ensuring you never miss a moment.

H6 Mini Dome Camera

Small yet mighty, bringing an exceptional level of AI-enabled protection to indoor spaces.

Avigilon Unity Video Cloud Services

Cloud manage your site to enable secure, remote access to your systems from anywhere on any mobile device.

Motorola Solutions CommandCentral

Easily share cameras with law enforcement by connecting designated sites to the cloud with Avigilon Unity Video Cloud Services.


Unlock Next Generation Video Analytics for any connected video stream.

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Making decisions on what public-private partnerships security solution to choose is no easy task. Our comprehensive guide is designed to walk you through the most important components of physical security so you can feel confident in choosing the best system for your business.

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