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Manage access to facilities anytime, anywhere

Our browser-based and mobile-enabled solution provides the flexibility to respond to alerts from anywhere. Its unification with Avigilon Unity Video software offers an end-to-end security solution.

Enhance your situational awareness by unifying video and on-premise access control

The Unity Access and Unity Video unification provides enhanced security in your facilities with exceptional situational awareness. Working better together, incorporating a video component helps verify access control events and alarms, informs access control responses and links visual and physical matches.

  • Verify identities at the door

    Check if the person badging in matches the profile picture associated with the card and remotely lock/​unlock the door.

  • Search and locate identities

    Find a person’s location based on the doors they tried to access using their access card with Appearance Search™.

  • Unity Video’s Focus of Attention

    View access control events directly on the Focus of Attention interface for potential incidents requiring attention.

Unlock the power of Unity Access on mobile devices

This intuitive app was designed for users to swiftly perform daily operations and respond to critical events, such as a sitewide lockdown, all while on the go. Built for universal use, the content of the app is defined and managed by the facility’s administrator to fit your needs. Quickly search for a door or a global action and simply tap to grant access, lock/​unlock doors and review their real-time status. Search for identities, view profile details and change access status in a single tap.

Wireless lock integrations for a simplified on-premise access control system

Turn any locked door into a monitored, access controlled door for easier management and enhanced security in and around your facilities. Unity Access fully supports a wide range of wireless locks from ASSA ABLOY, SALTO and Allegion ‒ Schlage, Simons Voss, Von Duprin.

  • Reduce hardware cost

    Reduce hardware and wiring costs by directly connecting Unity Access to the wireless locking solutions.

  • Modular design

    Customize locks to meet your access control needs and make changes over time while minimizing operational disruptions.

  • Flexible lock configurations

    Choose your reader and chassis types, locking functions, power options, lever styles, finishes and more!

Unity Access appliances

Hardened, Linux-based servers that are ready to go as soon as they’re plugged in. Start with what you need on individual appliances, then add doors to expand as your facility grows.

Enterprise & Enterprise Plus

The Unity Access Enterprise & Enterprise Plus appliances are ideal for medium to large systems. Businesses with complex or geographically distributed systems may require multiple appliances to manage access and ensure safety and security in and around their facilities. Unity Access facilitates this by automatically synchronizing the access data between appliances. And with the hot standby auto-failover feature, businesses can ensure their data across all sites is always safe.


The Unity Access Professional appliances are suited for small-sized systems with up to 32 readers. They are ideal for businesses looking to start with a small desktop machine and expand as their needs change. The small appliance size allows for an easy, convenient installation into compact spaces with limited power consumption while offering powerful access control features.


The Unity Access Virtual appliances are designed for organizations that have migrated their IT infrastructure to a secure, private cloud environment. They are Partner Ready for VMware vSPHERE (vMotion® exempt) and support Microsoft Hyper‑V for deployment on a virtual server. This eliminates the need to maintain a separate, stand-alone server or dedicated network appliance – providing a scalable design while reducing capital and operating expenditures. These appliances enable the customization of all the configurations, allowing businesses to easily add more resources to the virtual appliance as their access control systems grow and their needs change.

A scalable on-premise access control system

Manage access directly from your browser and mobile phone for increased efficiency. Quickly deployable and easy to use, Unity Access provides operators with an intuitive turnkey solution.

Manage role-based identities

See user ID profile pictures with access control events and alarms, print badges and issue mobile credentials from Unity Access.

Streamline alarm management

Get audible alerts and colored indicators to prioritize alarms. View associated video, enter notes and clear alarms in one place.

Manage access remotely with maps

Create and add your own maps and dashboards, view and manage all security objects, including identities, doors and alarms.

Future-proof your solution

The RESTful API and open-platform hardware support enable seamless integrations with various industry-leading solutions.

Unity Access Verify virtual stations

Extend access control to locations where physical doors are not feasible by recording and confirming an identity with a PIN. 

Replication & hot standby

Replicate identity data on multiple appliances across sites. Maximize system uptime to maintain multiple layers of redundancy.

Flexible, seamless integrations

Unity Access is built on an open architecture and supporting open-platform hardware that leverages a breadth of trusted products and solutions from leading manufacturers to uniquely fit your needs and provide an end-to-end security solution. Discover a wide array of existing integrations, such as wireless locks, biometrics, intrusion panel management, video verification and visitor management.

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Maximize Productivity with Unity Access 6.48

New capabilities included with this version:

  • Assign alarms to individual operators, enabling them to stay on top of investigations, address potential threats in a timely manner and keep the alarms list organized.

  • With SALTO auto-key assignments, key cards can be encoded at an online reader directly, which results in reduced queues and time-savings.

  • In case you missed it, watch the video to learn about the key features introduced in Unity Access 6.46.

Technical documentation and software
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Approved federal government on-prem solution

Our on-premise access control system, Unity Access, meets the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements mandated for U.S. federal government employees and contractors.

FIPS 140-2 certification

FIPS 201-2 certification

GSA APL certification

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