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SSM Health deploys Safe Hospitals ecosystem

SSM Health installed Motorola Solutions’ Safe Hospitals technology ecosystem to support operational efficiency while also helping to ensure the safety of employees, patients and visitors at all times.

Superior management

Avigilon Unity Video simplifies footage analysis and investigations with fast search functionality and an intuitive interface.

Powerful video security

Operators receive real-time video from the Avigilon cameras, from unauthorized activity to loitering and license plate matches.

Effective access control

With the rules-based Unity Access system, operators can seamlessly manage staff and public access to buildings or restricted areas.

Unified technology

With analytics and auto alert features integrated into Motorola Solutions’ radios, users receive a new level of visibility.

SSM Health: Safe Hospitals Case Study

SSM Health standardized its security on the Motorola Solutions Safe Hospitals ecosystem, the first and only end-to-end security ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data and analytics on one single platform.

Efficient operations and threat management

Read how SSM Health deployed a game-changing safe hospitals ecosystem for highly efficient operations and proactive threat management.

Challenge: Data silos led to inefficient security

Without an integrated ecosystem that enabled the sharing of data across teams and systems such as access control, video security and real-time communications, the security team lacked the technology for effective and proactive situational awareness and relied on its systems for limited investigative activity. This meant it was constantly in a reactive mode when an event occurred, making it much more difficult to remediate security situations and having to lockdown Emergency Departments at times.

Solution: The Safe Hospitals technology ecosystem

SSM Health has completely reimagined how it secures its campus and facilities with a powerful ecosystem of integrated technologies.

  • Advanced video analytics

    AI-powered video analytics help the security team easily locate people of interest or missing individuals across the entire SSM Health campus.

  • Efficient use of resources

    Instead of deploying staff to patrol the entire campus, the team is aided by analytics, access control and radio integration to focus efforts where it’s needed most.

  • It’s all in the details

    SSM Health’s Avigilon video security deters threats and enhances overall situational awareness across all campus facilities with specialized cameras.

Result: Integrated technology for better outcomes

By integrating once-disparate pieces of security and communications technology into a seamless integrated ecosystem, SSM Health doesn’t just receive better security, they can generate better outcomes: enhanced clinical care, higher patient satisfaction, more efficient operations and a safer workplace that enhances employee morale and retention.

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