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Protecting patients with advanced technology

With a desire to improve its legacy surveillance system, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital (CHH) looked to Avigilon’s advanced AI technology and video analytics to meet its security needs.

Intelligent analytics

Self-Learning Video Analytics recognize the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring motion that is not relevant to a scene.

Efficient management

Avigilon Unity Video allows for quick and easy review of live or recorded video with a simplified interface and intuitive controls.

Faster searches with AI

Avigilon Appearance Search enables the operator to locate persons of interest quickly using certain physical descriptions.

Accurate detection

The Avigilon Presence Detector (APD) uses radar technology to detect the presence of a person in areas where cameras are not permitted.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital: Video Case Study

CHH installed over 100 Avigilon cameras, Self-Learning Video Analytics and Appearance Search to detect, verify and respond to potential security events across the hospital’s premises.

A forward-thinking security solution

Read how CHH uses the Avigilon Unity security suite to detect potential risks, streamline operations and respond to events proactively.

Challenge: An outdated system

CHH found itself with an outdated security system that lacked quality video coverage and struggled with reliable video playback and frequent system crashes. As a result, the hospital’s security operators were often unable to provide accurate evidence during forensic investigations, and many liability claims and hospital incidents went unresolved. CHH needed a cost-effective security solution to protect patients and staff across multiple locations while evolving with the hospital’s growing needs.

Solution: Next-generation video security

CHH deployed an Avigilon Unity suite to aid in threat detection, monitor events and improve incident response times.

  • Enhanced situational awareness

    Avigilon Appearance Search enables CHH to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across all cameras across its facilities and parking lots.

  • Securing all areas

    Capable of detecting persons who aren’t moving or are hidden, APD sensors are used in areas where cameras are not permitted, such as restrooms or changing rooms.

  • Exceptional coverage

    Avigilon video security cameras were used throughout the hospital to provide exceptional image quality and built-in Self-Learning Video Analytics.

Result: Streamlined security

Avigilon’s AI solutions have helped achieve this by moving the CHH system from legacy to advanced and providing effective monitoring around the clock while also helping to create operational efficiencies. Since deploying ACC software, CHH’s operators spend significantly less time reviewing recorded video, allowing them to focus on proactive event response. Working with Avigilon, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital has a roadmap for continued growth and exceptional patient safety.

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