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Securing the front line

How Avigilon Alta’s intelligent video security solution is helping first responders at VA Hospitals and U.S. Defense Health Agencies securely care for those who protect us.

Situational awareness

The Smart Presence feature uses AI and machine learning to detect anything unusual at any time, alerting VA staff.

Real-time analytics

The solution analyzes trends and highlights abnormal behavior to eliminate the need to constantly monitor video feeds.

Directional audio analytics

Audio analytics can identify specific sounds, like yelling or gunfire, and their direction to alert staff to potential threats.

Monitoring clinical events

Staff are able to efficiently manage and allocate resources where needed by identifying patterns in workflow and patient flow.

Setting up for success

The VA hospitals need a secure, compliant video solution that can keep patients, their records and identities safe. The new Avigilon Alta system can do that and more.

Challenge: Trying to get ahead of incidents

The size and diversity of the DHA and VA Hospital Network create challenges in securing staff, patients, assets and infrastructure. Past security measures led to coverage gaps, leaving facilities vulnerable. The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need for better situational awareness and faster incident response times to ensure safety. Administrators needed a clear view across facilities for improved patient care and daily operations, while meeting NDAA-889 facility compliance.

Solution: More aware than ever before

Avigilon Alta offers advanced situational awareness, real-time analytics and audio analytics to enhance DHA and VA Hospitals’ security. It uses AI and machine learning to detect unusual activity and monitor high-risk patients, visitors and staff. The solution integrates with existing cameras, ensuring compliance with NDAA-889 and TAA regulations. Alta also enables efficient resource allocation and improved daily operations, while helping prevent potential threats to patients, staff and property.

Result: A flexible, compliant security system

Avigilon Alta’s intelligent video security system will continue to enhance safety for patients and staff in the future. It will adapt to evolving security needs with automated updates to ensure ongoing compliance. As healthcare facilities face new challenges, the solution will enable efficient resource allocation, empowering security operators to make proactive decisions. In a rapidly changing world, Avigilon’s technology will ensure DHA and VA facilities remain secure and well-prepared.

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