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Cost-effective electronic door lock systems

Easy to install, configure and use, Avigilon’s numerous supported wireless locks and integrations provide a cost-effective security solution for every door across any deployment size.

Allegion Schlage & ENGAGE™ Gateway

Touchless access control for interior doors equipped with Schlage® smart locks. Wirelessly connect using the ENGAGE™ Gateway. No-Tour available.

Allegion Von Duprin

Heavy-duty Remote Undogging (RU) and Remote Monitoring (RM) crash bars ideal for schools, hospitals and government buildings.

Allegion Simons Voss

Simons Voss Smart Intego locks consist of a locking cylinder, SmartHandle and padlock to fit into a variety of environments.

Assa Abloy Aperio

Support a wide range of applications including office doors, cabinets and storage lockers, plus glass, wood, steel and more.

Assa Abloy IP-Enabled

IP-enabled locks leverage your current network infrastructure to provide greater security and cost-effective installations.


Enhance scalability with locks that support Virtual Network Data-on-Card to facilitate faster access updates with RFID technology.

Enhance security and simplify operations

Remotely control your doors and generate electronic wireless door lock reports directly from your Avigilon access control solution for easier and faster maintenance operations.

Save on installation with electronic locks

Our access control solutions seamlessly integrate with third-party wireless lock manufacturers to provide schools, healthcare sites, commercial and residential buildings that want to combine all of the components of an access-controlled door with a simplified all-in-one system.

  • Lower installation time and cost

    Connect your Avigilon access control solution directly to the wireless lock and simplify installation.

  • Scalability

    Have the flexibility to make changes when needed instead of replacing everything at once to minimize disruptions.

  • Superior security

    Turn any door or sensitive area into a connected and monitored door and benefit from remote locking and unlocking.

ASSA ABLOY use cases

Commercial buildings: Install an Aperio lock on a cabinet, storage room or conference space to secure confidential documents and private information without having to worry about wiring your locks.

Healthcare: Aperio locks are ideal for medication drawers and staff areas to help with compliance issues and reduce liability.

Manufacturing: Install IP-enabled PoE locks to monitor and secure restricted areas where wiring is not possible due to costs and installation.

Avigilon Unity Access supports ASSA ABLOY wireless lock integrations.

SALTO use cases

High-rise office buildings: Expand commercial building security and benefit from SVN data-on-card to increase the number of doors without changing wiring.

Hospitals: Ensure hospital staff have the right permissions for the areas they need to access without compromising workforce safety, equipment or patient confidentiality.

Schools and universities: Keep staff and students secure by issuing SALTO JustIN Mobile credentials and quickly managing temporary access for visitors, vendors and contractors.

Avigilon Unity Access supports SALTO wireless lock integrations.

Allegion Schlage use cases

Residential: Provide convenient access in multi-tenant units or dormitories and keep leasing offices, storage rooms and amenities secure.

Schools: Schlage wireless locks feature interior lockdown buttons, with remote unlock and automatic alerts through our access control solutions to improve safety in classrooms and educational facilities.

Healthcare: Control and limit access to labs, medical equipment, medications and patient files, without compromising convenience for authorized staff.

Avigilon Alta and Unity Access support Schlage wireless lock integrations. Avigilon Alta and No-Tour mode integration is available. 


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