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Providing smart security solutions for hotels

Create a safe environment and give guests the freedom to move seamlessly within a hotel with comprehensive hospitality security systems.

Increase safety with video security

Keep hotels safe and secure with resort security systems that allow operators to oversee activities in detail, even in high-traffic areas and low-light conditions.

  • Ensure safety in all areas of a hotel

    Get real-time video and AI alerts for lobbies, hallways, elevators and parking garages, as well as amenity spaces like gyms and swimming pools.

  • Stop crimes before they happen

    Deter criminal activity with advanced analytics that instantly detect and alert you to suspicious people and vehicles in their exact locations.

  • Efficiently conduct investigations

    Security teams are empowered to investigate incidents faster with the ability to search video footage by appearance, events and objects.

Improve safety and guest satisfaction

Get insights into performance, keep unauthorized visitors from entering private hotel spaces and enhance guest experiences with advanced technology and integrations.

  • Streamline guest access

    Leverage access control to set schedules and permissions to ensure authorized guests can move effortlessly throughout the hotel during their stay.

  • Optimize traffic flow with analytics

    Analyze the number of guests entering and exiting a hotel to get valuable insights into crowd monitoring and allocating more staff during busy periods.

  • Integrate with apps for better service

    Integrations with hotel apps offer more convenience for guests, with the ability to book amenities and check-in 24/7 from a mobile device.

Simplify hotel management

Our flexible cloud-based security system for hotels allows 24/7 access to data and controls from anywhere, providing convenience without sacrificing safety.

  • Effectively manage access

    Issue or revoke employee credentials in an instant, set housekeeping schedules and grant temporary access to vendors with our management platform.

  • Scale your hotel operations

    Easily add new hotel locations, users and devices to a hotel security system network with a few clicks.

  • Integrate hotel security technologies

    Connect different hotel and inn security systems, such as a hotel alarm system, video and access, and conveniently manage in one platform.

Our customer stories

See how the comprehensive Avigilon hotel security system allows operators to streamline procedures while strengthening safety in all areas.

Avigilon technology to secure your hotel

Find hotel security systems to keep your guests, staff and property safe while providing valuable business insights and enhancing how guests interact with your properties.

Avigilon Unity for hotels

The Avigilon Unity on-premise hotel security system utilizes advanced technologies to secure various types of hospitality spaces, from family-run inns to large multinational hotel chains.

  • Unified video and access control

    Easily verify the identity of a person attempting to access a private hotel space using video and access control credentials, with the ability to unlock doors from the camera view.

  • Efficient bandwidth management

    Our High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ technology allows you to maintain image quality while reducing bandwidth and storage needs to help keep internet connectivity costs down.

  • Analytics for proactive alerts

    Having a security system in hotels helps prevent incidents from occurring by providing alerts of potential threats, empowering you to verify the situation and respond before it escalates.

Cloud-native hotel security

Improve the scalability and ROI of your hotel security systems with Avigilon Alta’s AI-powered devices, or connect our software with existing infrastructure to take advantage of flexible cloud management.

  • Convenient mobile credentials

    Give staff and guests frictionless access throughout the property with Avigilon Alta mobile access control plus wireless lock and hotel management app integrations.

  • AI-powered search and analytics

    Avigilon Alta video software features Smart Search™ and Smart Presence™ to make it fast and easy to find specific footage of individuals, objects or vehicles with precise location and occupancy data.

  • Scalable cloud storage

    Use less local storage and bandwidth by connecting up to 200 cameras to the Alta Aware Cloud on a single appliance while maintaining accurate records you can securely access anytime, from anywhere.

Recommended hospitality security system products

Explore our wide range of video and access control products designed to help secure hotels, inns, motels and resorts.

Avigilon Unity Video

An intuitive, AI-enabled video management platform to bring you the most critical information, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Avigilon Unity Access

Achieve physical security at every entry point with our browser-based solution, offering you the flexibility to respond from anywhere.

H5A Fisheye Camera

Superior situational awareness with no blind spots and built-in video analytics to proactively detect critical events.

Avigilon Ava Flex Camera

Install the Flex in hospitality locations where it contributes to improving and making indoor spaces more comfortable. With a small, soft and round form factor, the camera fits any environment.

Avigilon Standard Smart Reader

Multi-technology reader that supports a variety of touchless access methods, ideal for securing hotel amenities and staff-only areas.

Avigilon Ava Compact Dome

The Compact Dome is small, lightweight, efficient and easy to install and features the best-in-class performance with IR for best night vision.

Get your free physical security guide

In our physical security guide, learn how to maximize your hotel security by integrating access control, video and other technologies to create a holistic security system for your hospitality space.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.