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Scaling security with a small staff

During the pandemic, the Thief Hotel had to slim down resources, meaning one security staff had to manage all of the property’s cameras. Here’s how Avigilon Alta helped.

Cloud connected flexibility

With many hallways and entry points, Alta lets the head of security check any camera from anywhere, not just the server room.

Efficient investigations

Instead of searching through hours of footage, the Thief’s team can search tagged events identified by the system as suspicious.

Integration with existing cameras

The team connected new Avigilon cameras to third-party cameras already in use, turning the old cameras into smart cameras.

Going from reactive to proactive

Instead of trying to stay ahead of security incidents by working overtime, the team can scale security with help from non-technical staff using automated alerts and customized access settings.

Challenge: Security team, party of one

Safety and privacy are crucial at any hotel. Previously, reviewing hours of footage was time-consuming and exhausting. During the pandemic, the hotel reduced its security team to one person, necessitating a more efficient security solution. The head of security needed to find a way to scale himself to manage the entire property without working the jobs of multiple people. Accessing video events quickly and preventing damage when a security incident occurs were paramount.

Solution: Help from the cloud and the team

The Thief needed an efficient security solution that didn’t disregard their previous investment. Partnering with Neowit, a tech consultant, they installed 10 new Avigilon cameras, creating an intelligent, cloud-connected system. This eliminated the need for a bulky, single-computer accessed system, allowing security footage to be retrieved and searched remotely through any registered device. This offered remote camera access to other staff as needed and better security management for the hotel.

Result: Security at scale keeps thieves away

The previous security system at The Thief needed skilled personnel, but Avigilon Alta empowers all employees with a user-friendly phone app, making surveillance a team effort. Incidents are resolved quickly, with automated alerts informing staff about events. When an alert identified an unauthorized individual near the loading dock at 3am, the team promptly alerted authorities and prevented any theft or damage. Alta’s intuitive interface simplifies operations, providing relief to hotel staff.

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