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Building a strong foundation of security

The Olav Thon Group deployed the future-proof Avigilon Alta solution, formerly Ava Security, to improve security across their shopping centers, parking lots and hotels.

Cloud-connected video

Avigilon Ava security cameras are cloud-connected, making it easy for security teams to remotely monitor events.

AI-powered analytics

AI-powered Avigilon Ava cameras can help security teams detect potential threats, leading to improved incident response times.

Flexible video management

The Avigilon Alta Aware video management systems integrate with third-party cameras, saving the need to replace existing cameras.

Insights that deliver results

Avigilon Alta Aware provides insights, such as Heatmaps, that help drive business efficiencies and informed decision-making.

Secure sites and enhanced customer experience

Read how the Olav Thon Group utilized Avigilon Alta technologies to better protect their facilities and gather valuable insights that help drive business decisions to improve the customer experience.

Challenge: Expand security operation

The Olav Thon Group’s operations are fast-growing, and as their business expands in Norway and Europe, the need to quickly and efficiently scale up its security operations becomes a necessity. With siloed, fixed security tech and video security setup incapable of integrating, the Group realized they needed to implement a new solution — a unified platform that would allow them to proactively detect and respond to security threats while enabling them to scale up rapidly as the business grows.

Solution: Cloud-native video security

The Olav Thon Group used Avigilon Alta tech to manage security challenges across their shopping centers, parking lots and hotels.

  • Unified security operations

    By integrating other security systems with Avigilon Alta Aware, operators can manage and perform their duties on this powerful yet simple interface.

  • Secure spaces for customers

    With the AI-powered Avigilon Ava cameras, the Group’s parking lot security teams can now effectively monitor their sites for safety and security.

  • Insights that drive revenue and cut costs

    Alta Aware’s Heatmaps can provide customer behavior insights that help management optimize their retail offerings and provide a hassle-free experience.

Result: A future-proof solution that delivers

Olav Thon Group’s security teams can now perform tasks without having to switch between different software, saving time and money. The Ava cameras have assisted the parking lot security teams to verify incident reports on their sites before response efforts are made. Alta Aware supports post-event analysis by quickly searching hours of footage within seconds. The data from Alta Aware has also helped to drive business decisions that helps improve customer satisfaction and drive store revenues.

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