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Helping divers enjoy a unique experience

With the Avigilon Unity solution, Deep Dive Dubai has a video security system that allows them to manage the safety of divers and help ensure smooth operations at all times.

AI-powered security cameras

The Avigilon H5A Box camera detects up to 50 objects in a scene, even if stationary, providing greater accuracy in decision-making.

Next-Generation Video Analytics

The AI-powered camera proactively detects and alerts operators of potentially critical events so they can take action quickly.

Cloud-connected experience

Avigilon Unity Cloud Services gives the security team the flexibility to monitor their site from anywhere, at any time.

Seamless video management

Avigilon Unity Video provides real-time data and an interface that flags incidents to operators, which enables faster responses.

Supporting the safety of visitors

Discover why Deep Dive Dubai is now better prepared to handle security issues at its world-class facility and provide safe, unique diving experiences for visitors from around the globe.

Challenge: Unreliable video security

Deep Dive Dubai’s legacy video security system was not up to scratch. The solution was difficult to operate, with some cameras simply not working or providing poor-quality imagery. As a result, the system could not provide the real-time footage that the security operations team needed to ensure the safety of divers and the security of the facility.

Solution: Future-proof video security

Deep Dive Dubai used the Avigilon Unity system to improve its security and help visitors enjoy a unique diving experience.

  • Enhanced situational awareness

    With clear video, low-light and AI-powered analytics provided by the Avigilon H5A Box cameras, the security team can efficiently monitor events at their site.

  • Smoother operations

    With reliable video and the ability to remotely manage operations using Unity Cloud Services, Deep Dive Dubai can run its operations smoothly.

  • Cost-effective maintenance

    Maintenance procedures for the Avigilon Unity solution are much simpler compared to the legacy setup, particularly with the cabling of cameras.

Result: Safety enhanced, smiles ensured

By investing in a future-proof video security system that will help it overcome today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, Deep Dive Dubai has seen a drastic improvement across its security operations. Utilizing the Avigilon Unity solution has enabled the security team to proactively detect threats and respond to any incident with informed precision.

In the coming year, Deep Dive Dubai looks to install more Avigilon cameras and see how the video security system can help them across their wider business.

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