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Bringing together safety and security for P‑CCS

By using the Avigilon Unity solution, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools’ security operations team is now well-placed to meet the ever-changing needs of modern educational facilities.

AI-powered security cameras

The Avigilon Unity cameras provide exceptional coverage and clear-cut video that enables security operators to detect threats.

Next-Generation Video Analytics

Improves the productivity and efficiency of security teams using advanced pattern-based analytics and teach-by-example tech.

Seamless video management

Avigilon Unity Video delivers the right information so the security team can respond to any situation captured by their cameras.

Scalable access control system

Avigilon Unity Access is a 100% browser-based and mobile-enabled solution that helps the school district keep sites secure.

Taking a proactive approach to school safety

Discover how Plymouth-Canton Community Schools utilized the Avigilon Unity solution to prepare it for any security situation and support day-to-day operations across the school district.

Challenge: Meet ever-changing needs

To prepare itself for major incidents, such as a site-wide lockdown, P‑CCS knew it needed to reinforce its security setup with a solution that could provide an instant lockdown while also giving it the situational awareness it needed to handle the event.

In addition, P‑CCS’ previous video security system was not available in every building and was unable to provide evidentiary footage to handle student misbehavior, as it wasn’t always clear what happened or who was involved.

Solution: Next-level physical security tech

P‑CCS used the Avigilon Unity physical security suite of technologies to enhance safety and security across its school district.

  • Prepared to handle security situations

    By pairing Avigilon Unity Video with Unity Access, P‑CCS can take advantage of enhanced situational awareness to detect, monitor and respond to threats.

  • Enhanced investigatory capabilities

    When an incident occurs, the P‑CCS can rely on the camera footage to provide the images they need to see what happened, who was involved and where they are now.

  • Avigilon Unity supports daily operations

    With Unity Access and its remote capabilities, P‑CCS’ security team manages access events on the go and can distribute or revoke access credentials as needed.

Result: Future-proof solution for P‑CCS

By being proactive with their security operations, P‑CCS continues to provide a secure environment for students to achieve their full potential, staff to feel safe when carrying out their duties and parents to feel reassured that the school district understands that the safety of their children is a very high priority. 

By investing in future-proof tech from Avigilon, the school district is well-positioned to further enhance security operations when new challenges arise.

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