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Rogers Public Schools ace safety with Avigilon

With the Avigilon Unity solutions, Rogers Public Schools has enhanced video image quality and utilized smart analytics to become more proactive in dealing with security incidents.

Enhanced situational awareness

H5A Dual Head and the H4 Multisensor cameras enhance coverage thanks to their multiple lenses and ability to reduce blind spots.

AI-powered video analytics

Avigilon Unity cameras are powered by AI analytics that help security teams detect threats, helping to create safer schools.

Comprehensive video management

Avigilon Unity Video software enables security operators to remotely monitor and manage their video security across various sites.

Flexible access control system

Avigilon Unity Access is a 100% browser-based and mobile-enabled solution that helps security teams keep sites safe and secure.

Rogers Public Schools Case Study

Rogers Public Schools deployed an Avigilon Unity Video and Access solution to foster a safe learning environment by detecting and proactively responding to potentially critical events.

Providing a safer learning environment

Read how Rogers Public Schools adopted the Avigilon Unity solutions to monitor events across the school district, simplify access control for students, staff and visitors and unify security systems.

Challenge: Secure school district

Rogers Public Schools (RPS) had to deal with several instances of vandalism and theft. The school district was unable to prosecute those responsible because of its non-digital video security system and the fact that there were gaps in coverage and video quality was poor. 

The access control system was over 25 years old and provided no remote management capabilities. This made tasks, such as granting access, a real challenge as operators had to perform these duties in person.

Solution: Unified security systems

RPS unified its Unity Video and Access systems to create an end-to-end security solution to help monitor and secure sites.

  • Prosecute criminals and get restitution

    RPS receives threat alerts so its team can quickly monitor events and take action. It can also collect clear evidence so they can prosecute and get restitution.

  • Flexible access control management

    With Unity Access, the team no longer needs to travel to each building to carry out daily procedures, thanks to the solution’s remote management capabilities.

  • End-to-end security solution

    By unifying Unity Video and Access, RPS can rely on the combined power of real-time video footage and access control to detect, monitor and react to events.

Result: A safer learning environment

With the Avigilon Unity solution, RPS is in a better place to handle safety and security. By being proactive, the team is able to reassure principals, staff and parents that they have the technology to establish and maintain safety.

RPS continues to expand its Avigilon security system as its needs evolve so that the security operation team, admin and staff can carry out their duties effectively and provide the best environment for students to flourish.

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