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Safeguarding students, staff and visitors

The University of Tennessee (UT) deployed the Avigilon Unity solution across its 230 buildings, including Neyland Stadium, to improve safety and security for students, staff and visitors.

Expansive video coverage

Security personnel can easily monitor events across the campus with video security cameras that provide improved coverage.

Faster search

A sophisticated deep-learning AI search engine that sorts through hours of video with ease to locate a specific person or vehicle.

Alerts on the go

The ACC Mobile app extends the power of Unity Video to mobile devices, enabling users to monitor and respond to incidents remotely.

Efficient management

Unity Video’s advanced search and query functions help operators gather actionable insight in the moments that matter.

Avigilon Case Study: University of Tennessee

UT has more than 27,500 graduate and undergraduate students with an expansive campus that spans 550 acres. The Avigilon system helps security personnel manage situations by providing real-time HD video.

Enhancing safety for a prestigious university

Read how the University of Tennessee implemented the Avigilon solution to allow their security team and local law enforcement to manage safety and security across the campus.

Challenge: Vast campus requires robust security

UT has more than 27,500 graduate and undergraduate students with an expansive campus that spans 550 acres. The university needed a video security solution that would allow security personnel and local law enforcement to monitor safety and security across the large campus and safeguard students, staff and visitors, especially during sporting events at the university’s football stadium.

Solution: Reliable video security that delivers

UT deployed the Avigilon Unity security system to monitor events across their campus to keep students, staff and visitors safe.

  • Effective video security

    The Avigilon cameras provide clear footage of events across the campus while being a visual deterrent for those thinking about causing trouble.

  • Informed incident response

    Users can view live and recorded footage on Unity Video to analyze an incident and the suspects involved so that the appropriate response can be carried out.

  • A scalable security solution

    UT can rely on the Avigilon Unity solution to be just as effective in dealing with safety and security as the university grows.

Result: A system that passes with flying colors

The Avigilon solution helps security personnel at UT manage situations across their large campus by providing high-definition video in real-time and a VMS that offers actionable intelligence. On game days, UT hosts up to 130,000 fans on campus. Throughout each game, law enforcement and security teams can monitor activities and provide the logistical security needed to host such crowds. Security personnel also monitor the interior and exterior of the stadium before, during and after each game.

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