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Security for a digitally innovative school district

Wilson County Schools (WCS), which has long been a leader in empowering its staff and students through technology, chose Avigilon for its quality, performance and innovation.

Advanced video security

H4A cameras provide 24/7 coverage with built-in infrared illumination, Self-Learning Video Analytics and Unusual Motion Detection technology.

Flexible access control

Security personnel, school administrators and receptionists can instantly restrict access to any room or hallway.

Proactive safety

Appearance search technology can locate a person across the school campus quickly, using live or recorded video.

Easier management

Avigilon Unity Video software provides a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls and easier monitoring.

Keeping students and staff safe

With over 2,000 staff, 18,500 students and 21 schools, the WCS district needed a comprehensive system to create a safe environment in which to work and learn.

Challenge: Ensuring spaces are safe and secure

WCS was still largely dependent on a legacy security and surveillance system to keep its campuses safe. While the system provided basic security, it was outdated, decentralized and may have offered less protection if a critical event occurred.

With this in mind, WCS began the process of evaluating a new security and surveillance system and selected Avigilon for its quality, performance, innovation and value.

Solution: Innovative end-to-end security

From cameras to software and access control, WCS deployed a full Avigilon security system.

  • Updating a legacy system

    Adding Avigilon cameras across campuses offered higher image quality, better coverage and smart video analytics, helping administrators to be more proactive.

  • Restricting access

    Deploying access control technology meant that during lockdowns, access to and within school grounds was secured while staff were still able to move between areas with ease.

  • Central monitoring

    Installing the Avigilon Unity video management platform enabled security personnel to efficiently monitor all campuses from a single location.

Result: Best-in-class solutions

The new security system provides staff and students with powerful protection and also brings them, along with students’ parents, peace of mind. With Motorola Solutions access control solutions, classrooms can be secured if critical events occur on campus, and in the event of an emergency, the area mustering feature helps provide personnel tracking.

What began as a security solution has become an innovative, technologically-enabled way to provide the students of Wilson County with a better, safer educational environment.

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