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Improving tenant experiences with Avigilon

With mobile access, Avigilon Alta helps resident mobile application Sugar encourage tenant engagement and build strong communities in residential buildings while strengthening security.

Mobile credentials

Active residents use keyless entry to unlock Avigilon doors in the Sugar app at an average of 2.7 times every day.

Remote management

Management teams can communicate with residents and unlock the door from anywhere in the world in the Sugar Portal.

Resident satisfaction

Sugar’s polling feature is a cost-effective way for Post Real Estate to engage with residents and address concerns.

Enhance tenant retention with access

Learn how Avigilon Alta allows effortless management and goes beyond security to ensure a better experience for multifamily residential buildings.

Challenge: Outdated residential technology

Setting out to improve experience at multifamily residential buildings, Sugar noticed the challenges often started at the front door. Legacy call boxes were confusing to use, and residents needed an easier, more secure way to access properties. Creating a sense of community among residents and providing a reliable way to contact property staff was also something that Sugar wanted to provide. The company was looking for a more efficient method for real estate staff to respond to inquiries 24/7.

Solution: Mobile-optimized experiences

Avigilon Alta helps boost resident satisfaction and engagement rates by providing tenants frictionless access.

  • Increase satisfaction with mobile tech

    Integrated with the Sugar app, Avigilon Alta’s touchless access method and key-sharing features help increase resident engagement by 7.5x.

  • Manage security remotely

    Alta makes it easy to access the management platform to control permissions, respond to incidents and unlock doors from anywhere.

  • Convenient access at any time

    Equipped with secure, reliable mobile credentials, residents can easily unlock the door with their phones or request access if they’re locked out.

Have questions? We can help

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