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Video security solutions that go the distance

To secure their facility and ensure the safety of their workforce, pfenning Logistics implemented the Avigilon Unity solution to provide them with the situational awareness that they needed.

Rich image detail

The high-resolution, intelligent Avigilon cameras provide the level of image detail needed, even in low-light environments.

Easy-to-use VMS

Avigilon Unity Video provides an easy-to-use, AI-enabled user interface so critical events don’t go unnoticed.

Improved monitoring

The use of advanced pattern-based analytics and teach-by-example technology enables more effective monitoring.

Scalable storage

Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs) offer best-in-class capacity, retention and throughput.

Optimal video security for logistics operator

Learn how pfenning Logisitics improved safety and security, as well as operational efficiency, with the Avigilon Unity security suite of technologies.

Challenge: Secure a large logistics site

Logistics companies need to ensure their sites are secure, especially as they are handling third-party goods. pfenning Logistics required a turnkey, high-performance, scalable video security and analytics system. Another challenge they faced was the low bandwidths on their sites, which would struggle to stream high-volume, high-resolution video.

Solution: Comprehensive video security

pfenning Logistics improves site-wide monitoring and security with the powerful Avigilon Unity solution.

  • Minimizing blind spots

    The versatile Avigilon security cameras provide detailed imagery of the interior and exterior of the site so operators can see what is happening.

  • Fast threat detection and response

    Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics helps guards detect and respond quickly to any alerts, such as a person in a restricted area or a truck going the wrong way.

  • Advanced video management

    Avigilon Unity Video provides an easy-to-use interface to help ensure that the security team doesn’t miss any critical events and enhances post-event analysis.

Result: Avigilon Unity provides peace of mind

Tino Fechner summarizes: The Avigilon products have delivered as promised; from the picture quality to the night vision, recording duration and easy-to-use software; and this deployment has proved that the systems are easily scalable. We will be working with Avigilon for our future video security installations.”

Have questions? We can help

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