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Enterprise-class solutions for security

How the leading provider of postage online and shipping software solutions leverages cutting-edge technology to manage over 1,400 employees across 11 global locations.

Enterprise security at scale utilizes Alta’s built-in integrations to combine physical and cybersecurity strategies, increasing ROI.

Wave to Unlock

Employees love Alta’s touchless mobile credentials, letting them unlock doors “without having to play Tetris to pull out a badge.”

Seamless integration

Alta’s open API lets centralize their facilities tools on one platform, automating processes across the entire enterprise.

Future-proof technology

The cloud-based system and continuous release cycles make it quick and easy to automatically deploy the latest features.

Future-proof security for a global enterprise

As a technology company, Stamps​.com wanted a modern access control system with more features and functionality to keep them on the cutting-edge of the industry.

Challenge: cumbersome on-prem systems

While key cards were okay at first, the facilities team at Stamps​.com found their outdated on-prem system was neither cost effective nor efficient for the expanding enterprise. With locations across the U.S. and internationally, managing thousands of users and cards for each office was cumbersome.

The team needed flexibility to control access for different buildings, and accommodate visitors — all compliant with heightened security due to their relationship with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

Solution: automations designed to scale

Making the switch to mobile credentials enables employees to use their smartphones to access all buildings, instead of separate cards for each location. Alta also allows the Stamps​.com team to manage their enterprise security from one centralized interface, including issuing digital guest passes for vendors. Plus, everyone loves the touchless Wave to Unlock feature, which makes a great impression with visitors.

Result: Improved security, increased ROI

Avigilon Alta helps Stamps​.com reduce costs while keeping buildings secure, safe and compliant, and offers a better experience for all employees.

  • Automated user management

    The native integration with Okta automatically syncs users across the system, and makes it quick and easy to issue or revoke credentials.

  • Fewer false alarm incidences

    By integrating their building alarm system with Alta, they reduced a vulnerability as they no longer needed to give out the code to disable the alarm.

  • Interoperable security platforms

    Leveraging the built-in integrations and open API architecture Alta provides, Stamps​.com was able to combine access control with their other systems and apps.

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