Next-Generation Video Analytics

Next-Generation Video Analytics

Artificial Intelligence That Delivers Actionable Results

Our most advanced analytics technology uses neural networks to power self-learning video analytics, delivering improved accuracy in both perimeter protection and in crowded, indoor environments.

Improved Detection Speed and Accuracy

Added processing power enables the tracking and classification of over 50 objects. Previous analytics classified objects only when they were moving, now objects are additionally classified if they remain stationary.

Expanded Object Classification

Avigilon video analytics go beyond people and vehicles to include car, truck, bus, motorcycle, and bicycle.

Improved Analytic Event Generation and Appearance Search Results

More processing power enhances Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology by expanding the ability to search for a person or vehicle in both crowded and indoor environments.

Created to Evolve

In the future, Avigilon's Next-Generation Video Analytics will be enhanced to support more classifications, unusual object activity and face applications.

Cameras with Integrated Next-Generation Video Analytics

H5A Camera Line
H5A Camera Line