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Built for large enterprise sites with heavy-duty workloads and longer retention policies, the NVR6 delivers superior performance, reliability and security. With storage options up to 440 TB in a single NVR, you can easily scale up from terabytes to petabytes of storage at a single location, supporting up to 400 cameras.

  • Up to 440 TB storage

  • AI-powered video analytics

  • Out-of-band management

  • Windows OS

Efficient scalability

Streamline your server deployment and updates to save time and resources with the NVR6, fully optimized and pre-configured with Avigilon Unity Video software and Microsoft Windows Operating System. 

Flexible storage

Pre-configured with Avigilon Unity Video

RAID-60 redundancy

Support Avigilon cameras up to 61 MP

Maximize efficiency with high-performance recording and storage

The NVR6 processes data 15% faster than off-the-shelf servers, boosting productivity and reducing downtime. With over 2,500 hours of rigorous optimization, validation and stress testing against real-world workloads, it ensures high-quality and reliable performance that meets your business needs. 

  • Robust cybersecurity
  • Quick and simple deployment
  • High data availability

Respond faster with AI-powered insights

Protect your people and property with real-time threat detection. The NVR6 improves the efficiency of your security team by accelerating suspect or vehicle searches with seamless support for Avigilon Appearance Search™, Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition. Streamline maintenance and minimize on-site service calls for your sites with our Advanced System Health capability using Avigilon Unity Cloud Services.

Technical documentation and software
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