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Avigilon Workstations

Simplify security management with live and recorded video monitoring using the powerful and versatile Avigilon Workstation. Experience superior performance and reliability by accessing video from multiple NVRs with the Remote Monitoring Workstation or combine a network video recorder and a client workstation into one powerful NVR5 Workstation.

  • Local viewing
  • 12th Gen CPU
  • Ultra-high resolution support
  • Video storage

Stress-tested, performance approved

Achieve superior video playback, recording and reliability as the Avigilon Workstation is optimized to perform at high Avigilon Unity Video workloads with rigorous stress tests.

High-resolution support

Small form factor

Uninterrupted security operations

Ensure hassle-free system recovery with Avigilon’s recovery partition. Resolve any issues by quickly restoring default settings without needing external hardware or an internet connection. Keep your Workstation up and running with minimal downtime and disruptions.

Compact power, faster access

Boost your system’s performance with Avigilon’s Solid State Drive (SSD) and experience lightning-fast boot times and video exports with the operating system installed on a high-speed SSD. Enjoy effortless installation and flexibility for all applications with the compact form factor of Avigilon Workstations.

Technical documentation and software
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