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Avigilon Video Archive

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Retain petabytes (PB) of video and comply with video retention policies and industry regulations with the Avigilon Video Archive, a robust video storage expansion solution. Simplify storage design, setup and management with the Video Archive’s deep integration with Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and Avigilon Unity Video software.

  • Up to 1.5PB storage per NVR
  • Erasure coding technology
  • MultiPath Input Output

Cost-efficient and scalable storage

Simplify your high-capacity storage needs with the Video Archive, which provides a scalable path for expanding video archives while reducing total ownership costs over time. Benefit from enterprise-grade storage of up to 1.5 PB per NVR.

Erasure Coding technology

Avigilon Unity Video

Storage Area Network technology

Failover and load balancing

Failsafe connectivity

Achieve superior resiliency and data accessibility for your video archives with the Video Archive’s Storage Area Network technology. Optimize storage utilization and effortlessly manage petabytes of video data. Monitor system health with minimal effort using the Avigilon Unity Video dashboard.

  • Scalable storage
  • 5 years ‒ Next Business Day On-Site Support
  • Up to 12 NVRs supported

Dependable video archive storage

Preserve and protect your video archives for swift, on-demand retrieval and review using the Video Archive’s built-in Erasure Coding technology that outperforms traditional JBOD and RAID storage systems. Enjoy ultimate reliability and minimal downtime to experience seamless video playback without any lag or interruption. Optimize storage utilization to store more video data while saving storage costs with the Avigilon Video Archive.

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