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A safe environment to build assets

Brooklyn Cooperative deployed an Avigilon video security system to help protect assets and ensure staff safety while meeting critical insurance standards.

Flexible coverage

Avigilon’s broad portfolio of video security cameras offered the range of solutions needed to cover all areas of the bank.

Remote monitoring

The Avigilon Unity video management platform allows for quick and easy review of live or recorded video from one centralized platform.

Reduced bandwidth

Avigilon High Definition Stream Management technology reduces bandwidth and storage needs while maintaining image quality.

High-density storage

Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs) deliver high-performance recording, throughput, data availability and protection.

Security in an open bank

Asset protection and staff safety are top goals for Brooklyn Cooperative, along with the ability to meet critical insurance standards.

Challenge: protecting vital assets

Secure $15 million in assets, protect staff and members, and meet key insurance requirements while maintaining an open environment where members can freely enter and exit to receive services.

Solution: Effective security

Brooklyn Cooperative deployed an Avigilon video security system to secure its assets while maintaining a welcoming environment for its members.

  • Remote monitoring

    With the ability to monitor the surveillance system from home, staff can rest easy that the credit union is safe both day and night.

  • Clear video evidence

    Following a report of stolen funds, Brooklyn Cooperative was able to identify the perpetrator in less than 10 minutes and successfully recovered the loss.

  • Meeting insurance requirements

    Using an Avigilon NVR, Brooklyn Cooperative was able to meet insurance requirements, including 120 days of storage and help lower its premium.

Result: Reduced incidents

Brooklyn Cooperative can meet and exceed the requirements set by their insurance provider to ultimately lower premiums. With detailed coverage of the ATM vestibule, the credit union can also resolve claims of debit card fraud to lower liability costs. Brooklyn Cooperative monitors the storage area and offices to protect confidential member information from loss or theft and can search and locate footage in a fraction of the time of the previous system.

Have questions? We can help

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