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VT100 Body-Worn Camera

Create a safe working environment. Motorola Solutions’ VT100 body-worn camera lets you protect healthcare, retail and commercial staff, expedite response times and dispute false claims. Achieve evidentiary detail through its integration with Avigilon Unity Video, which displays body-worn footage alongside fixed camera feeds.

continuous recording
standby battery life
storage capacity

A new perspective when it matters most

We know every detail matters. Capture video and audio from the wearer’s viewpoint to strengthen fixed video footage and empower your healthcare or retail team to see the bigger picture.

Avigilon Unity Video integration

Remote alarm activation

Wi-Fi streaming capabilities

Customizable front tag

Get the full context of an event

Security teams for healthcare and commercial settings in the control room need to know what’s happening on the ground so they can respond more effectively. Gain more context of an incident by adding a first-person perspective. Enabling the wearer to press record on the VT100 delivers a live video feed to the control room that can be displayed alongside fixed security camera footage, allowing for faster incident response and better protection.

Extremely easy-to-use

Protect frontline retail, security, healthcare and caretaker staff and customers with a body-worn camera that’s intuitive to use and simple to manage – no formal training required. Staff can feel comfortable and protected with the body camera’s simple operation and long battery life. Video is secured on the VT100 to protect the integrity of your footage and support data protection compliance.

Customer-friendly appearance

The VT100’s front tag is customizable to help you achieve consistency with your company’s brand identity. Add your company logo, brand colors, and name to your fleet of VT100 units, making it an integral part of your healthcare, security or commercial staff uniform. Secure the unit easily to staff uniforms with its lightweight, unobtrusive design.

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