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NVR5 Premium FIPS

Gain secure network video recording and protect data-at-rest with the pre-hardened, FIPS-compliant fifth-generation Avigilon Network Video Recorder (NVR5) FIPS series. Experience faster processing, high-performance recording, throughput, data availability and enhanced security of your Avigilon video security system with NVR5 Premium FIPS servers.

  • FIPS-compliant cryptography
  • Next-Generation Video Analytics
  • TPM 2.0 module

Easy compliance

Protect sensitive data and reduce the risk of data breaches with the NVR5 FIPS series that meets strict security standards, encryption and compliance with federal government regulations.

FIPS 140-2 L2

Avigilon Unity Video

RAID-6 redundancy


Enhanced trust and confidence in security deployments

Ensure the highest levels of security and quality control, while strictly adhering to procurement Federal Acquisition Regulations, trade agreements and NDAA regulations, as the NVR5 Premium FIPS series is built in a facility compliant with federal government standards.

  • Flexible and scalable tier‑1 storage
  • Quick and simple deployment
  • High data availability

Respond faster with secure AI-powered insights

Protect your people and property with real-time threat detection. Enable security teams to respond faster to critical events as the NVR5 FIPS series seamlessly supports Avigilon Appearance Search, Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition analytics. Safeguard and encrypt data-in-flight using FIPS-compliant cryptography with Avigilon cameras connected to NVR5 FIPS servers.

Technical documentation and software
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