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Professional access control and commercial door lock installation in New Jersey

For the best access control in New Jersey, opt for a cloud-based system that’s more flexible and scalable. In an increasingly IoT connected world, your New Jersey access control system should be able to support remote functions, integrate with other building systems, and make security management easier. Access control installers in Newark, NJ prefer smart systems with backwards compatibility like Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, that are easy to install, easy to configure, and easy to manage. When upgrading to a new access control security system in your New Jersey location, Avigilon Alta is the clear choice for East Coast commercial security integrators with feature-rich software, secure credentials, and a frictionless experience.

  • The most flexible mobile access control credentials in the Tri-State area
    One reason Avigilon Alta is favored among New Jersey access control installers and commercial security door lock installers is that it’s a complete access control system that’s flexible and customizable to fit any business. Avigilon Alta is equipped with access control card readers, providing a secure and versatile option for New Jersey businesses. The mobile-based system uses smartphone credentials that are more secure and more convenient than legacy options. Plus, Avigilon Alta has unique touchless capabilities with Wave to Unlock, which lets users unlock a door without opening the app or waking up their phone. Unlike many mobile access control system companies in the Tri-State area, Avigilon Alta offers flexible credentials options, and supports unlock via Apple watch, tablet apps, Cloud Key credentials, and key cards and fobs. Designed with the end user in mind, Avigilon Alta uses patented Triple Unlock technology to ensure a consistent unlocking experience, all with the highest encryption levels available on the market.

  • Increase ROI with real-time data and best-of-breed integrations
    A good access control system is a smart investment for any business. Avigilon Alta gives admins access to real-time entry activity, with data insights and behavioral learnings to empower informed decisions and reduce overhead costs over time. Avigilon Alta not only integrates with various security platforms but also offers a robust key card access control system, which is a smart investment for New Jersey businesses seeking comprehensive security solutions. The App Marketplace makes it easy to search, add, and configure the latest integrations for your New Jersey access control security system. These integrations help create connected, smarter buildings by combining access control with video surveillance, alarm and emergency systems, and building systems like HVAC and lighting. Connected enterprise access control in New Jersey locations gives administrators a better understanding of how to utilize their space, and create safer, healthier buildings.

  • Scalable from a single door to an entire enterprise
    Whether you have a small office in Essex or locations throughout South Jersey and Central Jersey, access control system installers can configure an Avigilon solution for you. Avigilon’s complete hardware line is designed to scale, with a Single Door Controller and a range of control boards and hubs to support up to 24 entries on a single system, including elevators. The hardware features standard wiring and snap-in mounts, so it’s easy for a commercial door lock system installer for New Jersey businesses to install quickly. The Avigilon Alta cloud-based access control software also has features designed to support enterprise management, with granular site-specific permissions, customizable rules, flexible lockdown plans, and native VMS integrations. Remote management is essential for enterprise businesses, as it allows security teams to manage access control for all locations on a single interface, from anywhere in the world.

  • Smarter New Jersey access control systems
    When choosing providers for access control security system installation in New Jersey, it’s important to work with professionals who use future-proof technology. Avigilon’s cloud-based systems are designed to seamlessly update with the latest software and features automatically, so you’re always running the most advanced versions. With products that include built-in video and door intercom capabilities, Avigilon is a full-building access control security company for New Jersey businesses. Avigilon’s solutions in New Jersey include the commercial key fob door lock system, ideal for securing doors, turnstiles, parking gates, and elevators.

  • 24/7 access control support you can trust
    When comparing New Jersey access control companies, look for a provider with top-rated customer support. The Avigilon support team is dedicated to providing excellent service, and is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year via phone, email, and online chat. Contact our experts to ask questions, get a price quote, or give feedback. We listen to our customers, and use their suggestions to develop new features and integrations. Plus, Avigilon has an online library of helpful content including free guides, setup tutorials, API documentation, and more, all available at any time in just a few clicks.

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Access control companies in New Jersey and throughout the Tri-State area help organizations safeguard their spaces with modern physical security systems. When comparing the top New Jersey access control security system providers, it’s important to look for companies that work with local East Coast access control installers and commercial door lock installers near New Jersey. Avigilon is a leading provider of mobile access control systems in Newark and throughout New Jersey, combining a smartphone app with cloud-based software. Avigilon works with a trusted network of certified access control installers in New Jersey, with experience deploying commercial access control systems in Newark, Camden, Jersey City, New Brunswick, and Trenton. Tri-State area commercial access control system installers recommend Avigilon for small and enterprise security needs, as the open platform also supports integrations with video security cameras, identity management apps, and alarm systems for a smarter New Jersey security system. Access control installers in the Tri-State Area can install Avigilon Alta quickly and efficiently, even if you have an existing access control system in your New Jersey office. Talk to your local New Jersey access control integrator to see if Avigilon Alta is a good fit for your space.

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