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What to look for in an access control security company 

In the increasingly innovative security industry, web-based and mobile solutions are now a top recommendation from many access control manufacturers. For any business upgrading their systems with a new access control company, it’s important to vet the manufacturers and products beforehand. 

One recommendation is to look for access control manufacturers that provide complete systems. This is because top access control system manufacturers will provide both hardware and software solutions that can scale to accommodate multiple doors, and centralize management of the entire system on a single easy-to-use interface. It’s also a good idea to choose access control system companies that work with a trusted network of certified local installers.

Because choosing an access control system company can be a daunting task, you can ask a professional system integrator to evaluate your needs and help you select the best door access control solution. A local access control company can provide a price quote for a system that fits the specific needs of your space. For commercial access control manufacturers, there are up-front costs, such as the control panels and reader hardware, installation costs and usually a per-door and per-user fee to budget for. When budgeting, also consider any long-term costs associated with running an access control system, which will vary depending on the type of system installed. For example, some on-premise legacy systems require software installed on local servers, which will require in-person maintenance. Many cloud-based access control companies use an annual subscription as a service (SaaS) model, giving businesses the flexibility to pay for their access control systems based on the specific features and number of licenses they need. 

Working with certified local access control companies and installers

Avigilon Alta works with a network of vetted, professional access control installers to provide touchless, mobile access control systems in cities across the United States, Canada and Europe. One of the benefits of working with Avigilon Alta network partners and integrators is that they lead with the most cutting-edge technology on the market, and receive up-to-date training and marketing materials for every new feature and capability as they become available. Avigilon Alta technology partners and access control integrators are hand-picked for their excellent service, ensuring a smooth transition for new and hybrid system installations, as well as top-quality experience from start to finish.

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