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Avigilon Alta vs. Doorking video intercom

When searching for a video intercom system, one of the providers that businesses or residences will come across is Doorking, also known as DKS. The company has been an established access control manufacturer for decades. Their product range includes gate, access control, parking and telephone entry systems. Despite the wide variety of products, there are some disadvantages with Doorking intercom features, especially when it comes to entry and access control. In this Doorking access control intercom review, we highlight the system’s key features and how they stack up against the Avigilon video intercom.

Quick look: key differences between Avigilon Alta and Doorking 


Avigilon Alta


Infinite scalability

Doorking runs on an on-prem system and supports very limited scalability 

Voice AI call routing

Doorking features call forwarding, but voice AI technology is unavailable 

Secure access options

Avigilon Alta supports a wider range of secure access methods compared to Doorking 

Seamless integration

Avigilon Alta’s open API and mobile SDK makes integration easy

All-in-one solution

Doorking requires hardware add-ons and relies on outdated technology 

The innovative Video Intercom Reader Pro from Avigilon Alta

  • All-in-one access control, video and intercom system
  • 100% remote control through secure cloud-based management
  • Award-winning hardware design with slim profile and high-resolution camera 
  • Compatible with existing security systems and top app integrations
  • Seamless snap-in installation with a single PoE cable and standard wiring
  • AI capabilities for smart voice recognition and call routing 
  • Touchless Wave to Unlock for fast and reliable access

Comprehensive Doorking intercom and access control review

Certain limitations in features make Doorking intercoms ill-suited for spaces that require flexibility and robust access control security. For example, only some Doorking intercom models come with built-in cameras, and most do not have a touchscreen directory, only keypads. Along with the required use of a telephone line to activate its intercom system functionality, this outdated technology is inconvenient for modern use, especially in a time where a tactile form of access can be unsafe. 

Doorking price vs. Avigilon Alta price

Doorking has many products in its intercom range, and its pricing is as varied as the wide range of devices. Hardware is priced as low as $700 and as high as $6500 before installation and accessories. Because some of the Doorking access control products can only operate with traditional telephone lines, additional installation and wiring to connect to video comes with additional fees. In general, it costs $1000 to $2000 to install extra hardware and accessories, depending on what functionalities a user chooses to add on. Plus, Doorking’s system only accommodates key card access, which contributes to an ongoing overhead to configure, track and replace the cards. 

Unlike the Doorking system, the Avigilon Alta system comes with many built-in features, eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware and reducing the cost of installing, wiring and maintaining the system. The convenient mobile credentials and backward compatibility with legacy cards means fewer upfront and ongoing costs for credentials, and the software is available in different packages to suit a wide variety of security needs. Avigilon Alta’s pay-per-use pricing model also helps keep overhead costs low, allowing businesses to scale while supporting their growth. 

Cloud-based video intercom system review

Because Doorking intercoms run on an on-premise software, it limits its capabilities to streamline security management and scale. A cloud-based software is available for their intercoms, but it is not compatible with all models. Some Doorking intercom models can only accommodate 12 to 27 built-in directories. For the same models, an unlock functionality is available, but only for two gates or doors via touch-tone telephone. These strict limitations in access and an outdated telephone mechanism makes the Doorking intercom a less than ideal solution for evolving businesses and residences looking for video intercom systems that can scale with their growth. 

With the Avigilon Alta video intercom’s cloud-based system, a building can easily scale and add locations and sites to a network with a few clicks in a single dashboard. The Avigilon Alta system is infinitely scalable and supports an unlimited tenant directory, assisting the growth of a business. Plus, the remote unlock feature allows security admins to open doors from anywhere, at any time, and with no additional wiring or hardware installation required. Another perk that comes with a cloud-based system is remote management, a feature that enables users to manage multiple sites and locations from a single dashboard, from anywhere in the world. 

Installation and integration

There are many loose parts when it comes to installing a Doorking system, and extra wiring to different hardware is required to transform the basic model into an all-in-one video intercom access control system. For example, most Doorking intercoms operate only from telephone lines, and separate hardware is required to connect to video. A cellular connection is available, but only with a cellular connection box sold separately. And as of 2022, a service upgrade to prevent system failure is required for many Doorking intercoms wired to a cellular connection box. Adding to this cumbersome process is an unlock mechanism that can only function after connecting to two special inputs. Some Doorking intercom hardware designs are relatively slim, but many models are quite substantial in size, which limits the location it can be installed. 

When it comes to installing the Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro hardware, the process is simple and quick. The compact and versatile device installs with an easy snap-in mechanism, and very little additional hardware is required, as the Video Intercom Reader Pro comes with many built-in features and capabilities. The system uses one PoE cable and standard wiring, and the camera can be rotated during install for the best viewing angle. Avigilon Alta also integrates effortlessly with other security systems. Built on an open API and mobile SDK, the system easily connects with other hardware, software and apps, including tenant and property management platforms. The ONVIF Profile S and T compliant video platform allows seamless integration with video security providers, and the built-in ACU functionality makes the Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro compatible with any legacy systems. Plus, the use of mobile devices eliminates the need to physically wire to telephone lines and desk stations, further reducing overhead costs. 

Doorking’s integration options only allow the system to integrate with electronic lock systems and Wiegand devices, limiting access options and requiring additional installation to different hardware. When it comes to integration with mobile apps and software, the on-premise security system does not allow integrations with property management software. 

Voice AI and call routing features

While Doorking intercom offers call waiting and forwarding in their newer models to help visitors reach tenants, it is, again, an additional feature and requires extra installation and fees. The technology serves a basic function of connecting to a tenant’s unit via a touch-tone telephone, and when a tenant is unavailable, the feature offers no other solution but for the visitors to try contacting the tenant again at another time, which can be highly inconvenient and time-consuming. There is a do-not-disturb function that allows tenants to set specific hours they can be contacted, but this also leaves visitors with no other choice but to return to the building at a different time. 

In comparison to the Doorking system, Avigilon Alta’s video intercom offers a call routing feature using voice AI to serve the same function, but with advanced technologies that make access more convenient. This technology is quite unique in the video intercom market, and intended to assist visitors in connecting to tenants, even after hours. The voice AI guides visitors to specific user directory paths, depending on settings such as access schedules, door schedules and tenant availability. When a visitor attempts to contact a tenant outside of the set times, the 24/7 intelligent call routing can connect them to not just one station, but one of multiple lines, including a voicemail, alternative tenant or other specific directory path. This convenient feature is touchless, and with no directory to scroll through, tenants are able to better protect their privacy. 

Secure access methods

In terms of access options, the Doorking intercom offers limited options that serve basic functions. Some models include access control readers with key card access, and visitors can gain access with a temporary 4- or 6‑digit PIN. The remote unlock feature is available for some models. In Doorking intercom’s older models, the system can only support 12 to 27 built-in directories, and an unlock functionality is available for two gates or doors for the same models. The newer intercom systems can accommodate up to 3000 phone numbers and 8000 access tokens.

While generally secure, some access options present safety concerns. For example, the 4 to 6‑digit temporary PIN for visitors can easily be shared with unauthorized users, increasing the risk of security breach. The access control reader available in some models can only support key cards, which can also be easily copied, lost and shared with other users. The rest of the options, although quite secure, might run on outdated technologies. Some models can only activate the unlock feature using a touch-tone telephone, and for a very limited number of access points.

The Avigilon Alta video intercom offers a variety of secure access options with the technologies that make access control seamless and convenient. The system allows users to grant access from a range of mobile devices through a mobile app, and the touchless Wave to Unlock opens doors with a swift movement of the hand or phone. The hands-free technology enables visitors to request access without entering personal information into a public device, or having to scroll through a huge directory to find who they are looking for. There is also an optional QR code directory feature, which lets visitors pull up the directory on their own device. Plus, the remote unlock is a convenient feature that helps grant access from anywhere. 

With Avigilon Alta, users are able to grant temporary entry access to visitors or service providers through email, text messages or messaging apps. Temporary Guest Passes are entirely customizable and permit one or more entries within a limited time, accessible directly from a smartphone browser. High- and low-frequency key card and fob access is also available for users who prefer physical credentials, and the Video Intercom Reader Pro is backward compatible with legacy access control systems. 

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Avigilon Alta vs. Doorking video intercom use cases

See how the Avigilon Alta all-in-one video intercom better serves the security needs for all types of buildings, including commercial, residential and anything in between: 


  • Most models work for residential spaces with a limited number of units. The system can also work for small to midsize establishments. 
  • Because of its limited scalability and required use of an outdated touch-tone telephone line, the system is not ideal for growing businesses that need to scale fast. 
  • Provides basic access control functions for residential units. Less-than-secure access options pose limitations to business operations and safety risks to residences.
  • Due to its lack of built-in features, the system may work for smaller buildings that don’t require system customizations.
  • Offers a cost-effective DIY approach to security. 

Avigilon Alta:

  • A flexible security solution designed to support a wide range of spaces, from large commercial buildings and multisite enterprises to multi-unit residences.
  • Its infinite scalability makes the system an ideal solution for growing businesses.
  • The wide range of secure access options makes Avigilon Alta suitable for buildings that require versatility without sacrificing robust security. 
  • The system’s built-in features work for buildings looking for a practical all-in-one solution with no additional hardware or software installation required. 
  • Advanced, future-proof technologies contribute to a convenient security process and frictionless user experience. 
  • Seamless integration with tenant apps and property management software for a unified experience for managing access, reservations, packages and more.

Alternatives to Doorking intercom

If Doorking intercom is not the right solution for your business or residence, there are more advanced options to choose from. The Avigilon Video Intercom Reader Pro’s advanced features make security more versatile and convenient. The system features a doorbell, reader, speaker and microphone with automotive grade code and echo reduction, and an optimized mobile experience with two-way audio and video calling. The Bluetooth support for mobile credentials allows fast and secure access backed by patented Triple Unlock technology, and remote unlocking capabilities from the app make the Avigilon Alta video intercom an ideal all-in-one access control solution for all building uses. Plus, its cloud-based software supports unlimited scalability and integration with existing systems and property management platforms.

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